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I call bullshit!

Bestie Anni and I were talking the other day and she mentioned this quote from renowned author Sonia Choquette about meeting with your Guides:

“Another way to show appreciation is to keep a clean and organized home. If that’s asking too much, at least maintain the area around your altar in this manner. This shows your respect for the guides by giving them a peaceful, clear place to rest.

This right here? Bullshit of the highest order. Seriously.

How do I know?

In addition to being the High Priestess of the Woo, I am also the High Priestess of Clutter. And if the Guides demanded (needed/wanted) respect to be shown in this manner, I am quite sure either I’d be nudged to remove that clutter or else risk losing my ah-mazing skills.

Since neither has happened, I think it’s pretty safe to say Guides do not give one tinker’s damn about a peaceful, clear place to rest.

With all due respect to Sonia Choquette, I am enormously bothered when teachers (famous ones at that) say things like this because it sets conditions on working with Guides in Spirit. And that is never, ever the case.


You don’t have to have a clean house, a pure heart, a big purse to ask your Guides for help. Their support is UNCONDITIONAL. Always.

And this is what I mean when I speak of discernment. Here’s a respected teacher in the world of Woo setting conditions on how your Guides will work best with you.

Nope. Nope and oh yeah, nope.

Don’t accept it. Don’t take it in. Don’t allow it to make you feel less than because you’re a creature of clutter.

Just don’t.

I’m not some fancy author with a butt-load of books to my name (yet!) but I am one of the clearest channels for Spirit Guide wisdom you will ever come across. So believe me when I tell you that your Guides are available to you – 100% – at all times, in all ways, in all conditions.

You need them? They’re there. All you have to do is ask.

Stop outsourcing your inner knowing!

Seriously! Make that your one resolution in 2014 (along with no more cake for breakfast and being nicer to your spouse when you don’t want to).

This post came out of a conversation with a good friend about working with a coach.  Now, I’m a big proponent of working with a coach, a mentor, a therapist.  I’ve done all of that pretty much for the last thirty years.

trust yourselfAnd I am a coach, a mentor and a teacher (and I play a therapist on TV but that’s another story! heh), so I’m not saying that support isn’t helpful. All of those individuals helped me see a perspective that I couldn’t at the time.  They also helped me step more into my soul potential and my work in this life.

Good stuff, yes?

Where I got hung up (as did my friend) was in believing that these people knew better than I did.  After all, weren’t we paying them some good bucks to tell us what to do?

Lemme set you straight on that one, kids.

A coach, a therapist, a mentor – are all your partners.  Just like your team of Guides and Teachers in Spirit.  They are not gods you put on a pedestal or all-knowing amazing beings who will tell you the exact right steps to six-figure success.

Nope.  Just normal people like you and me.  Who happen to have expertise in an area you don’t.

That’s it.

When it comes to your business, your life, your own self-worth, start with the premise that you know more than just a little something about yourself.  Because you do.

You’ve lived your life and while others can walk it with you, no one knows it and you like you do.

Don’t underestimate the power of that.

Tales of woe and power loss

Once upon a time, in a land far away (or right here, I’m not saying which) there was a girl who, despite being a voracious consumer of information products and reader of same, believed that others could tell her the magical formula for her business.

She chose one mentor, then another, always feeling like something wasn’t right.

But they know better, she thought. And I’m paying good money for it so they must know.

She tucked her feelings back on a shelf.

And tucked.

And tucked.

When she had wandered far away from her heart’s desire, she realized that she was the one who did this.  Not this mentor or that coach.

She had chosen to believe them over herself because she was scared to trust herself.

Yet, the result of making that choice moved her further away than ever.

That doesn’t seem right.

So she decided to start back at square one, where she began back when she thought she had no idea what she was doing.

Turns out, that was right all along.

But she had to stray off her path to see it.

Moral of this woeful tale?

Trust your inner knowing above all else

Work WITH your coach, mentor and/or teacher. They may have more information on a certain topic than you do, but the decision on how to run your life, your business, your whatever ultimately rests with you.

Don’t give that beautiful part of you away.

You came in with it and it will serve your highest good if you allow it.

Will you allow it?


By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Commitment – Part Two

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Have you noticed I’ve been absent for the past week or so? I think I fried my head during July with the Ultimate Blog Challenge!  Thing is, though, I made a commitment to doing it and come hell or high water, I did it.  I found time every single day to write.

But when I didn’t “have to” any longer, well, I didn’t find the time.

Interesting, that.


(UBC) Day 31: FINIS! And just in time!

It’s been an interesting month and I’m really glad I chose this one to blog my way through. We covered all kinds of things from Dogs as Spiritual Teachers to the Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity via Edwene Gaines to sharing someone’s grief and sorrow and finding out what happens in the middle of all that.

You can find this year’s posts and last year’s by going to the UBC archive.

I’ve grown in my perspective so much in just a year and I think you’ll see how that shows up in my writing if you look at both challenges.

Like I’ve said many times, writing is just what I do whether anyone reads it or not. Admittedly, it’s been really sweet having you all read and leave comments! (No one does that in my diary. At least, I don’t think they do!)

Did you learn anything new via the posts this month? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks to all my readers and followers for hanging with me this month. This may end up being an annual thing!

(UBC) Day 20: The Hallmark of a Master Teacher

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Today, I’m concluding the week spent looking at the teachings of Edwene Gaines and her influential work on the spiritual laws of prosperity. To recap, the laws she speaks of are these:

1) Tithing 10% of any income to wherever you get your spiritual food.
2) Forgiveness like a big dog.
3) Concrete goal setting with specific dates by which you wish to receive it
4) Finding your purpose through your passion

I share all this with you in the hope that you will feel as moved as I have been to examine your own life and see where you can make a big shift.

In my life, I’ve come across a few master teachers like Edwene: David Neagle, Reverend Deborah Johnson, Wayne Dyer, Robert Ohotto, Caroline Myss … these individuals have had a profound influence in my life.

How do you know the hallmark of a master teacher?


(UBC) Day 19: Find Your Passion, Find Your Purpose

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

This week, I’ve been stepping you through the Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity as interpreted by the wonderful, delightful and enormously wise “Woman of Power” Edwene Gaines.

Today we’re looking at the last of the principles: Discovering your passion and getting on your soul path. Many clients come to me wanting to know exactly what that path is and I have to break the news to them: ONLY YOU can find that path. ONLY you can know what your path really is.


Here’s what Edwene says about just how to discover that, though:

“The question I urge people to ask themselves is, ”What would be the most fun thing I could do with my life? What makes my heart sing? What do I get excited about?” and then go and do that. Even if at first it seems like it is playing video games or growing garlic. It’s going to lead you to the most magnificent of lives. But you have to go the way of your joy — ”the way of your bliss,” as the mystics say.”

Although growing up I wanted to be a lawyer, a journalist or (later) a therapist, I remember standing in a metaphysical store when this “knowing” came over me. I had this exact thought: “I belong here. I don’t know how and I don’t know why but I know I belong in this world.”


Sure enough, many years later I found myself deeply (and happily) immersed in the world of Woo. So, I’ve known for a long time that my path and purpose was in matters spiritual but it wasn’t until I dove in, taking this class and that, that I found my way here.

You just have to start somewhere. It doesn’t even matter where! Really. It matters that you start.

Edwene continues:

But courage is the commitment to begin without any guarantee of success. And it takes courage for us to step out of the comfort zone even though we are not happy there. To move into the possibility of living a magnificent and joy-filled life — it takes courage to do that. You know, a lot of people do experience what the world calls failure before they accomplish their dreams. But at least they are moving in the right direction. As scary as it might be, it’s scarier to stay stuck in a dead-end, joyless life, then retire and get a gold watch, and die, and never know what pure joy of living is about. That, to me, is a terrible hell!

Yeah, to me too, Edwene! Me, too.

But how, exactly, do you start once you screw up the courage? Of course Edwene tells us how to take those first steps!

I suggest people ask themselves questions like, ”What is the most fun thing I can do with my life?” What would you do with your life if money was no object, if you didn’t have to work, if you didn’t have responsibilities, if you could do anything, be anything, have anything? I suggest to people that they begin to go there in their fantasies and write about it. Visualize it. And start taking baby action-steps towards those things. In that way we begin to discover that life is a lot bigger than we thought it was.

Catherine Ponder says that if you’re stuck and life isn’t going the way you want, something has to give — and it is usually you. My suggestion is that whatever you can give, give that. Whether it means clean out your closet and give away all those unused or old clothes, or make cookies for a school class, or give away all your books — somehow, make space to receive. You can do that by giving away things, and also by doing forgiveness work. Because it is not the universe that is stopping the flow. The only one that can stop the flow is ourselves. In order to prime the pump and get the flow going again, we’ve got to give something, and it usually has to be something of self, like forgiveness or giving ”stuff” — because we want ”stuff” like money to flow in.

Making room for the new is so important from an energetic, metaphysical standpoint. How can you expect to receive when there’s no room? The former Dean of Santa Sophia Seminary, Carol Parrish, used to take one thing out of her house every day to give away. Every single day. Interesting practice, hmm?

The thing to remember about finding your purpose is that it’s more like an unveiling. It doesn’t suddenly pop up in front of you and catch you unawares. If you look, you’ll see it was there all along just waiting for you to be in a place to find it.

(Interview from Awaken Magazine)