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(UBC) Day 22: The most searched-for topics on my site

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

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You might be surprised at what searches I see on my site although I’m not.

* Astral entities

* how to cut cords of attachment

* astral beings

* cutting astral entities archangel michael

* cutting cords of attachment healing

* does cord cutting work

* cords of attachment

Looks like energetic healing and how to move out some of those pesky entities are on everyone’s mind lately. I thought I’d give you some direct links to those topics right here. (Did you know I have three years of articles on here? I like to write, as you can see!)

Astral Entities

Astral Entities 101: How they get stuck and how to remove them – they’re not evil spirits haunting your ass. They are merely those souls who have left their physical body and are in transit. Perhaps there’s some fear about that transition. Who knows? Suffice it to say, you do not need to allow them to siphon off your own energy. Shoo! Be gone with you, now!

And Are you hanging out with astral entities? – there are probably many more fun (incarnated!) souls to hang out with than these dudes. In this article, I list ways to know if you have some in your own aura. Be sure to close your energetic doors so they don’t sneak back in!

Finally, a podcast (transcribed in case you’re not an aural kind of person) – “I’m in your aura, stealing your energies” – Self Protection from Negative Astral entities In this podcast, I share a little affirmation that helps keep your aura free and clear of the astral critters.

Energetic Cords of Attachment

The sessions of aura healing and transformation through severing cords of attachment are among the most profound work I do in my practice. If you’ve never had an opportunity to experience the amazing work of Archangels Michael and Raphael, this is one of the places where they shine. Not familiar with what this is exactly? Read on and learn!

Three Reasons to Cut a Cord of Attachment – Here’s one BIG reason: Empowerment! Take back your power from places you’ve given it away (or had it stolen!) – see what it feels like to move that energy back into your own system for your own use.

Toxic Cords and Why They Need to Go shares a real-life example of how removing a cord could have helped my mom enormously in her life. (I only wish I knew how to do that back then.)

In this article, I talk about the role of Divine Beings in the removal of an energetic cord – it’s Archangel Michael who does all the heavy lifting. I’m his partner down here in the physical. It takes big, high vibrational energy to do this work so that’s why we call in the big guns. Always work with Divine Beings when you do any kind of healing work because they can hold the energy needed to create big shifts.

If you have some energetic healing work to be done, I’ve got some mad skillz!

I’m a clear channel to your team of Guides and Teachers and I am also a wonderfully high vibrational healer who can help you move out blocks and restrictions getting in your way. One session is often enough to move you through something that’s blocking you now and of course, if you’d like to do some in-depth work, I’d love to support you in that as well.

Visit the “Work with me” page for all the details on doing just that!

Are you hanging out with astral entities?

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

The short answer: Don’t. Not that they’re evil or bad or anything remotely like that. But you are allowing another entity to drain you of your precious energy and if you’re living here on planet Earth (and let’s just assume you are!), you will need all your own energy.

The long answer: Yeah, don’t hang out with them.

Let’s talk first about what astral entities are so if you’re new to this topic, you’ll be on the same page.

I’ve blogged about them before but as a refresher, astral entities are energetic pieces of a deceased’s astral body. For whatever reason, those parts have not made the transition from the Earth plane and sustain themselves by glomming onto the life force energy of other humans.

star man

Again, let me stress that there’s no possession or evil intent on the part of those energetic pieces. They are just not ready to leave here.

Those who shine big lights out into the Universe (most if not all Lightworkers) are welcoming beacons for these energies precisely because our lights are so bright. And if you don’t take care of pulling in your energetic boundaries, you could be the unwelcome recipient of a visit by them!

They also like to visit those who may not be sending out big lights but who have holes in their auric field, allowing bits of their energy to peek out. I’ve learned that those who are addicted to alcohol, drugs and other lower-vibrational activities offer an especially rich environment for these entities. They feed off the energies of shame, rage, compulsion, fear and self-pity (among others).

Now, onto why you might not want them hanging out with you.

As I mentioned above, they feed off your energy. That’s how they exist. It’s also how YOU exist. You don’t need to be providing energetic sustenance to anyone but yourself, right?

Here are a few examples of how hosting these energies takes away from your daily life:

1) Are you experiencing intense cravings for junk food, sugar, drugs, sex, etc? That might be a result of having an entity (or multiple ones) in your energy field. Especially if this craving is new or hits you out of the blue.

2) Ever feel “not like yourself”? I have that happen every once in a while where I’m bored inside and nothing makes me happy or brings joy. Like that Bruce Springsteen song “Dancing in the Dark”, you just get “tired and bored with (your)self” – that’s when I know I need a nice clearing of my aura.

3) Violent thought forms (this is, obviously, on the extreme side of the scale) – if you are feeling especially hateful toward others or find yourself driving aggressively when you usually don’t, it’s definitely an indication that something is going on. It could very well be that you’ve got some energies skulking around who are causing some of this.

These are just a few examples of how you can be affected by these energies. There are lots more all up and down the continuum. I’ve heard it said that a good deal of what looks like mental illness is caused by extreme forms of astral entity possession and I would not be surprised to find out the truth of that.

What you can do to avoid hosting these lovely little critters

It’s so important to have good energetic boundaries. So, so important. And especially so if you are one who works with others in that arena. I was fortunate (thanks, Universe!) to find excellent teachers at the beginning of my journey who taught me habits to keep my aura in good shape. (And if you’re an empath, oh lordy! That goes double for you!!)

Here are my suggestions for hanging out your “closed for business” sign to astral entities:

* Start by consciously closing off your energy every day. Here’s a snippet of an affirmation I use (found in a book by Susan Shumsky): “I close off my aura to all but my own higher self and those beings of only the highest vibration who are with me at the choice of my soul” – note the free will piece in there – “at the choice of my soul” – you are taking conscious ownership of your energetic boundaries.

* Note any time you feel “not like you” and look back to see if you’ve been visiting a lot of bars, hospitals, nursing homes, cemeteries – these are all places astrals like to hang out. Even if you’ve not been visiting those establishments, if you’re feeling not like yourself, start doing the affirmation mentioned above several times a day. When you start routinely denying them space, no one will be knocking on your (auric) door after a short time.

* Everything is by intention so if you feel like there’s some stuff in your energy field that doesn’t belong to you, say outloud 3x “All that does not belong to me, please leave.” Call in Archangel Michael if you wish – he’s aces at removing what no longer belongs. Ask him to take what does not belong to you and transmute it with love and light and power for the highest good. He’s always at the ready to help. Take advantage of that help – he can’t intervene without you asking for it.

There’s lots of info out there on the web about astral entities and I’ve listed a few below that I find are accurate according to my experience. If you happen across information that frightens you or intimidates you, click off that page.

There’s no need to be afraid of any of this, truly.

I’ve been in this realm for over ten years and have never, ever been afraid of anything I’ve come across in personal experience. Remember, too, that fear is one of those lower vibrations that allows entities to sneak their way in, so turn away from that energy and keep moving in the direction of Light and Divine Power.

Here are some resources I recommend should you want to read more about astral entities:

Clearing lower astral entities – excellent article on how to remove them once you realize they’ve gained entry into your precious energy.

Freeing yourself from Entity Possession – don’t let the word “possession” freak you out. We’re not talking Exorcist here, K? This is a good site with lots of info on what astrals are, how they affect you and ways to help them move along.

Astral Entities and Spirits: Can they make you go insane or do crazy things: by the marvelous Anna of Psychic But Sane. Anna and I studied with the same teacher and we hold similar views on these topics. I know and respect Anna a lot and you can’t go wrong with any information she shares on a variety of topics.

Have you had an experience with an astral entity? Please share in the comments section.

And if you think you might have some hanging out with you and need some help identifying them or getting them gone for good, email me. I can help.

(UBC) Day 14: When someone you love is hurting

Someone I dearly love and respect has fallen back into some addiction patterns they had earlier and it makes my heart so sad to see it. It really tests my whole “lessons are everywhere” theory and not because I don’t believe it but because watching someone learn those lessons in a very painful way is just gut-wrenching. (And I can only imagine the depth of their pain – it must be enormous.)

How do I help?

DO I help?

Is helping enabling?

All these questions ran through my mind the other day and I have no answers, unfortunately.


One of the things I do know from my work is that very often there are astral entities hanging out around those who have addictions. Alcohol and other drugs can create holes in your aura and that’s sort of a doorway for those seeking a ride on your energy to come in.

What I can do from a distance (without crossing their boundary of free will) is to clear the entities that are present. At least then, they will have only their own energy to deal with and not have to fight the additional (unknown to them) battle of losing energy to these spirits.

Of course, if they continue with the addiction, they are unconsciously inviting these little creatures back in. So, I will do a clearing every few days for a while to see if I can help move them on. That is what I can do from a distance without overstepping my boundaries (and theirs).

And I can continue to hold the energy for them to get the help they need and get the lesson they asked for in the easiest manner possible.

I’m not sure what else is mine to do. Most likely just hold the space and ask the Angels, Archangels and those of really high vibrations to assist with the healing on all levels.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? What has helped you when someone you dearly love is hurting?

Podcast #19: Spiritual healing is way better than therapy! The faster and more direct road to healing

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Spiritual healing is better, faster and effects change much more than traditional talk therapy.

Listen in to see why I make that bold claim in this week’s podcast.

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(Remember that you can also pop over to the Practically Intuitive Podbean page to listen if you’re not able to see the player above.)

“Trust What You Get” E-book now on sale: $19.99 for an immediate download.

Wanna get started *right now* listening to your Higher Self?

This little book packed with ideas, exercises and my own dorky brand of humor to round it out can help. Check it out!

Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi everyone, and welcome back (or welcome for the first time if you’re just joining me) to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcast. I’m Lisa from Practically Intuitive – thanks for listening in.

Today’s topic is near and dear to my heart: How spiritual healing can help you move through your stuff much faster than traditional therapy.

I am a big believer in therapy. I was a counseling psych major in college and had my heart set on doing that work as a career. But time and circumstances seemed to preclude that and I never did make it back for my master’s in social work much less set up a private practice. But I did avail myself of therapy for much of my 20s and 30s. I liked it a lot. Someone to listen to my stuff, help me see things I might have been missing and offer a safe place to open up. What’s not to like, right?

Somewhere along the line, though, I began to use my therapy sessions as an hour of whining about my life. I would look at the same situations over and over and over. One thing I didn’t do was make many concrete changes in my life. Mostly because I liked talking about it but not so much doing anything about it. Because doing something involved risk and scary changes. And I’d rather talk.

I’m sure my wonderful therapists tried to get me to move into action but looking back, I think I resisted that. This one was squarely on me.

In my early 40s, I began to explore coaching and used that in tandem with therapy. My coach was more proactive about getting me to take action but as with my therapist, our sessions evolved into more whining, less action. Again, this one is on me. I had trouble taking action. Much easier to whine for an hour and then go home and think about what I whined about.

Can anyone relate?

At some point in there, I learned about spiritual healing – clearing astral debris, cutting cords of attachment, aura cleansing and protection, Reiki and more. As I delved more into it both from a client perspective and that of a practitioner, I began to see real, concrete changes in my life.

For example, having cords of attachment permanently removed allowed me to clear my own energetic field of a lot of accumulated junk that belonged to others and once freed from that, I could figure out much more easily what I needed and wanted and moreover, move toward it.

Energetic healing with the assistance of a divine being (Archangels, Buddha, Mother Mary … those who reside on that highest of vibrational planes) is amazingly easy because they do all the work. Really. They do. You don’t have to spend 37 hours agonizing in therapy for change to occur. With their assistance, you can feel it and release it all in an hour. And once those blocks and restrictions are removed, things flow more easily into place.

My current coach, Jaelin Reese, is all about action and while she allows me to ramble now and again (because that’s just who I am!), she also gives me steps to take to move out of whining and into action. One of her favorite methods of healing is called “writing and burning” where you write a letter to someone with whom you have an issue and just pour it all out. Then, take it outside and burn it. That’s it. You don’t have to call that person, confront them or anything else. You often need to just release it from your energetic body.

She’s even had me write about past life experiences that are hindering me in this life, burn the writing and take it to a cemetery and bury it. That sounds kind of odd (well, it did to me) but this simple ritual allowed me to move through and finally resolve an issue I’ve been struggling with for 10 years. All because I buried it at a cemetery.

I am still a proponent of therapy. It does a lot of good and who’s to say that my years of it didn’t lay the foundation for the work I’m doing now from an energetic perspective. But my experience has shown me that energetic healing is faster, more effective and moves one into action easier than talk therapy.

If you’ve been in therapy for years without much shifting in your life, I’d invite you to try a session of spiritual healing and see for yourself. I offer sessions of aura healing involving cutting cords of attachment, removal of astral debris, and more. Please check out the readings and healings page of my site to see if something fits. Or you can contact me to talk about what you’re struggling with and let’s talk.

That’s all for this podcast. Thank you so much for listening. This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive. Have yourself a lovely week. Bye for now.

To book a session with Lisa, click here.

Podcast #5: I’m in your aura stealin’ your energies! Self-protection from negative astral energies

Astral entities aren’t ghosts or demons – they’re just lost souls hitching a ride on your energy. That can make it hard for you to have all the energy you need for your own stuff.

In today’s podcast, I talk about what they are, how they jump on (and why) and most important of all, how to keep your energy clear so you pass them right by on the energetic superhighway!

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As mentioned, here’s the verbiage I refer to in the podcast:

“I close off my aura to all but my own higher self and those beings of only the highest vibration who are with me at the choice of my soul. Thank you and so it is.”

For more info, check out my earlier post on astral entities here: Astral Entities: Friend or Foe?.

If the player above doesn’t work for you, you can always visit the Practically Intuitive Podbean page where all the podcasts are archived.

Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi and welcome back! I’m Lisa from Practially Intuitive talking to you once again about all things intuitive and how to make them practical.

August is giveaway month at Practically Intuitive and each Thursday I’ll be posting a new offer. You just missed one where the winner got a 25 minute listening session with my pal Patricia at WiseEars.com. Don’t miss this one coming up – a chance for a free copy of my Ebook “Trust What You Get”. All you’ll need to do is leave a comment and you’re entered! How easy is that?

Now, onto today’s topic: astral entities – what are they and how are they junking up your energy field if you’re not practicing good spiritual hygiene.

Astral entities are not ghosts or demons or anything bad at all. Mostly, they are souls who have not quite made the transition from this physical incarnation back to source. There are all kinds of reasons why a soul chooses not to fully transition: unfinished business on Earth, not wanting to leave their loved ones, perhaps they don’t realize they’ve transitioned (if the death was sudden, for example). For whatever reason, they’re sort of stuck here in a non-body kind of way.

And this affect you how, you ask? Well, in order for them to continue hanging out and chillin, they need some life force energy. And that’s where you all come in. Astral entities seek out those with lots of light and attach themselves to those individuals.

That can affect people in many different ways: you can feel tired and drained, apathetic, confused, easily swayed, etc. Even if you can’t totally feel it, they are taking from you what is really yours like your life force energy and using it.

When I began doing email readings for people, I’d notice those who had a preponderance of entities because when I’d tune in, all I got was static and fuzz. Nothing was coming through clearly at all. Or else, I’d actually get the words, “There of things you know not of” in my head right as I’d start the reading and I just knew that was my signal that entities were chatting and not the Guides.

When your energy field is open (as most people’s are), it’s easy for them to hitch a ride. It’s especially easy for them when there’s alcohol and drugs involved as well as rage and hatred. The latter two are very, very low vibrations that makes it easy for them to reach and voila! Instant entity sandwich.

Practicing good energetic and spiritual hygiene involves not only being aware of these little critters, but making it very difficult for them to hop a ride on you. As I said in my very first podcast, intention is everything. All you have to do is state that your aura is closed off to all but your own higher self and those beings of only the highest vibration. That’s it. (Things are so darn easy on those energetic planes, aren’t they?)

I’ll print this verbiage on the post for this podcast but here’s what I say each day and before each reading/healing I do for clients to ensure my energy is clear:

“I close off my aura to all but my own higher self and those beings of only the highest vibrations who are with me at the choice of my soul. Thank you and so it is.”

That’s it. Do this every day as you think of it and you won’t be offering astrals any rides on your own energy that’s needed to do your work here on Earth.

There is something called an “Astral Entity Healing” that I learned from a former teacher and the purpose of that is to assist the lost soul on to its next place of light calling in Archangel Michael to help. It’s a lovely healing and is what I use should I come across any entities while I’m doing readings. That’s something you most likely wouldn’t need unless you’re a practitioner who does that kind of healing work for others.

For your own self, though, closing off your aura is sufficient to keep your energy nice and tidy. If you’re feeling maybe not yourself, drained all of a sudden or just feeling kind of wonky, give that practice a try. It’s made a difference for me. It could for you, too.

Don’t forget that the Cord Cutting special offer is going on all month – a $25 discount off the usual price for this life-changing session. You may want to listen to last week’s podcast if you missed it to find out how it all works. (Note: This promotion has since expired, but you can still order a cord-cutting session with Lisa here.)

If you’re not yet on my email list, join up over at Practically Intuitive.com and snag your free excerpt of my ebook. Each month I offer specials to email peeps only so join in on the love and save a few dollars!

I’m working on getting these podcasts up on iTunes so you can subscribe and have them automatically download each week. More info on that to come.

Thanks, as always, for listening. Enjoy your mid-august week and I’ll talk to you again next time. This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive. Bye for now!

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