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Ask an Intuitive – Spring edition!

It’s that time again where you get to Ask An Intuitive (uh, that’s me) any question you want! (Just one, please)

I’ll reply with whatever quick intuitive hit I get right below your question.

And I’ll answer everyone who asks. Remember, though, that this is a public blog so don’t put out any personal information you’re not comfortable with everyone seeing and know that the answer will be public as well.

I love doing these because you guys get to see how information comes through and who knows? What comes through for others might just be of some help to you!

Ready? Aim! Ask!

Oh my goodness! You people have a lot of questions! (heh) If I haven’t gotten to yours yet, please be patient. I’ll answer them all. (I think we’ve had maybe 50ish so far! Whoa! I’ve got my intuitive hat on big time these days!  Thank you all for making it so.)

Feel free to leave feedback about it – even if I was way off the mark. That does happen, occasionally.

I’ll be turning off comments at midnight Thursday so if you’ve been timid and not asked a question, you have two days left to do it.  What are you waiting for?

If you want to dive in a bit deeper on your question or anything else, please contact me for a session.

Lots more comes through in a personal call that is directed just to you and your path and I always strive to give you some good, practical information you can put into action right away.

COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED – thank you all so much for being willing to put yourselves out there and ask.

And you can take advantage of the May special offer! 30 minutes for $30! Check the Home Page for info and links.

Q&A with The Woo Sisters

Clip Art

Kara (from Conduit of Joy) and I just finished up our latest podcast and did something a little different. We solicited questions from those on our email list and answered them right there on the call. It was a lot of fun! We also talked about intuitive readings in general and what kinds of readings fit different situations.

Thank you to all who participated by putting their questions out there! Feedback on what we got is more than welcome in the comment box below.

If you feel drawn to getting your very own reading, I invite you to check out what I offer here and see if something fits for you.

And consider this your official invitation to jump onto my email list by using the box at the top right of the page. I’m gearing up for a tele-class to be announced soon as well as a focused study group coming in the spring. Email peeps get first dibs and discounts, of course! I’m not a spammy type so you’ll just hear from me when I have something to share with you guys.

Anyway, give a listen to the podcast and let us know what you think!

Ask an intuitive (again!)

Back in October, I started a feature called “Ask an Intuitive” where you could ask me a question you had on your mind and I’d share what came to me intuitively about it. I’m happy to say it was a big hit and so it’s time for another round!


Okay, here’s how we play: You ask a question in the comment box below. Feel free to share as much or as little detail about your question as you feel comfortable given that both the question and the response are public. I’ll post what insight I get about the question right below it.

See? Easy peasy, eh?

Okay, who wants to be first??

ON EDIT: You guys are awesome!!  Thank you all so much for being willing to put yourself out there.  It’s been a blast fielding the questions and seeing what comes through.

If you’re new here, please join up my monthly newsletter list – I won’t spam you and send out a thousand emails.  Just 473 a month! (ha! that’s a joke)  I love my email list peeps and offer specials and drawings, first opportunities at new promotions and all kinds of goodies that I don’t advertise anywhere else.   You can sign up right there at the top right of the page.  To those who have already done so, you’re the best!

I’ll be closing comments Thursday evening at 10pm (eastern) so if you want to ask something, jump on in!

COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED!  Thanks so much for putting yourselves out there and asking.  Look for Round 3 of AAI coming in January!

Ask An Intuitive


I’m starting a new feature here on Practically Intuitive called “Ask an intuitive” and here’s what it’s all about:

** Might there be something in your life where you can use a bit of guidance from the Universe?

** Do you have a question about how this intuitive stuff all works?

** Want to know the winning lottery numbers for tomorrow? (hah  I wish! We’d all be rich!)

Well, here’s your chance to ask me any question (just one, please) and I’ll answer with whatever quick intuitive insights I get right below.  You can share as much or as little detail about your question as you feel comfortable given that both the question and the response are public.

I’m hoping to make this a regular feature if people are interested in it.  I love the idea of doing little quickies like this as a way to thank you guys for reading and following along.

Oh, and have you signed up for my monthly newsletter yet? It’s a bit late for this month so I’m doing something extra special – one subscriber drawn at random will win a free email reading (a $75 value).  What are you waiting for? *YOU* could be the lucky winner!  Sign up over there at the top right and join in the fun.   (And I promise not to send you a bizillion emails – just one a month with an extra thrown in now and again when I’ve got something really cool to offer.)

Let’s get to the questions – tossing the ball over to you.  Ask me anything!

(Edited to add:  Great response, you guys! Thanks so much for being willing to put yourself out there.  I’m going to keep comments open until Thursday at midnight so people have a chance to get their questions in.)