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The truth about cats and dogs

Don’t you wish you knew what your pet was thinking about? For them, life is pretty simple and mostly they are happy to please you, however that happens. (With cats it’s a bit trickier but for the most part they want to make you happy too!)

I first found out I could communicate with pets when I was in a deep meditation one evening. As I sat there in some altered state, I could hear the words “I am a cat. I’m a cat. A cat. C A T spells cat.”

I peeped my eye open and there was my sweet (but sorta intellectually challenged) cat Midjull. I could hear what he was thinking! That was an interesting development. (That Midjull was even thinking at all was a surprise to me, bless his dearly departed soul.)

I looked over at my other cat, Murphy and heard the words “Mommy, you’re not feeding me enough. I’m hungry.”

Hmmm. Still not sure what was going in, I focused my newfound skill on “MommyCat” (Midjull’s mom) and heard her say “I am a sophisti-cat“. Alrighty there, Mommy. You just go on with your bad sophisticat self.

Last but not least was Lucie (yes, I had a lot of cats at that time. What of it??) who said “I like when you do that tummy noise thing to me, Mommy.”

I distinctly heard each one of my cats speak to me. I was used to reading my dog – dogs are so much easier – but this was definitely something new. Ending my meditation (because, really, hadn’t I done enough? I heard cats talking to me, for pity sake!), I called my mom with this exciting news!

Her reply: “Oh honey, are you sure you’re not going insane?”

(I only wish I were kidding. Alas, she really did say that.)

Moms. Gotta love ’em, right? (sigh)

Anyway, I recently had two clients ask me to tune into their pets to see what was going on. I hadn’t made a conscious effort in several years to do that but sure, I’m game. I was actually surprised how much came through and how clearly I heard what the pet needed. Telling me their names as I pass them on the street is one thing, but sharing their animal souls with me? That was way cool.

If you’re going through some challenges with your own furry little companion, I’d love to tune in for you and see what they have to share. Check out my newly updated Readings and Healing Work page for more details.

Here’s a testimonial from my friend and client Kimberly G about her dog Rodrigo (pictured above).

When Lisa came into my life I couldn’t have imagined just how much impact she would have on my world by opening my eyes to so many new possibilities.

I am the proud mommy of two adorable dogs. Rodrigo, my “Boy King” as Lisa calls him, is strong willed and had taken on the role of Alpha. Although he loves me I knew that he needed something from me that I wasn’t providing; he seemed frustrated. Lisa was able to quickly let me know that he wanted (1) respect and (2) to know his role in the family. It didn’t take long at all for Rodrigo and I to come to an understanding. He is now our our much loved and respected guard dog. He has conceded the role of Alpha to me.

In the weeks after our session with Lisa, Rodrigo has returned to his adorable, sweet, loving self. I get a chuckle watching him at night as he patrols his yard. He’s exhausted and happy every morning. Rigo is an adolsescent so I still have to remind him of the rules from time to time; overall, he’s a well behaved dog. Even my boyfriend, the skeptic, admits that there has been a vast improvement. I’m looking forward to another session with Lisa – I’d like to know Rigo’s take on the changes.