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Book Review: The Subtle Body Practice Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing

The Subtle Body Practice Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing
Cyndi Dale
Author Website: www.cyndidale.com

Confession time: I have haunted libraries all my life. You’d find me mostly hanging out in the new non-fiction section, hoping to snag something that’s just been released. Every once in a while, I happen upon something awesome and just can’t believe my good fortune. The Subtle Body Practice Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing by Cyndi Dale was the find of the season for me.

cyndi dale bookDale, a prolific writer who is well-known and respected in the field of energy work, has just released this latest compendium of energy healing techniques and it’s a keeper. In fact, I returned it to the library the next day and bought my own copy to have among my reference books.

Early on in my study of metaphysics, I took lots and lots and lots of classes. Each one provided a bit more foundation for my knowledge but it was up to me to put the information together in a way that made sense. Not a hellish task for a natural student but for those who don’t dig it the way I do, books providing overviews of complex subjects are the best thing since, well, sliced bread!

In the introduction, she says this: “Looking deeper, we can observe that we are all self-healers all the time. Even when we are helping others under the aegis of being a trained practitioner, every training program and each client session is another opportunity to work on ourselves, to detoxify and rebuild in body, mind and spirit so that we might be a clearer conduit for subtle energies.”

More and more these days, people are looking inside themselves for ways to heal. But where to even start? Instead of buying a book about each different healing method (which gets expensive not to mention time-consuming if you plan to read them all) just add this one to your Kindle! Take a section at a time and practice some of the techniques Dale lists and see what works for you.

Now, it’s true that these techniques have been around for ages, passed down through tradition (like Reiki), used in secret military experiments (remote viewing) or seemingly reserved for those with “special skills” (shamanic journeying, as one example). In the space of 369 pages, Dale gives the low-down on topics ranging from “Making Subtle Energy Work for you” to “Essential Energy Techniques” to “Food as vibrational medicine”.

She skillfully weaves these disparate pieces together, showing the common threads and teaching the foundations and real-life application of each. You could spend the next five years playing around with each process and cataloging your experiences (There’s an interesting project!). Dipping into this book on an as-needed basis or when you feel a new way of processing events is called for, you’ll find a wealth of information, techniques and new perspectives.

One of the comments I found in Amazon reviews of The Subtle Body Practice Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing was that all this information can be found online. Why, the reviewer asked, would anyone purchase a book like this when the information can be found with “a little digging”?

Of course this information can be found if you want to spend hours and hours looking for links and verifying each one for truth and integrity! The value of this book rests in Dale’s skillful ability to discern only what you need to know about each technique to get you started. Should you feel drawn to learning more, surf away! (And check out her selection of other books on these topics – she’s written quite a bit on energy healing over the years.)

If you are at all interested in feeling more ‘at home’ in your own body and are willing to try some things that may touch the fringe of mainstream thought, start right here with Cyndi Dale’s book. I bet you’ll find something that fits you just right!

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Stop outsourcing your inner knowing!

Seriously! Make that your one resolution in 2014 (along with no more cake for breakfast and being nicer to your spouse when you don’t want to).

This post came out of a conversation with a good friend about working with a coach.  Now, I’m a big proponent of working with a coach, a mentor, a therapist.  I’ve done all of that pretty much for the last thirty years.

trust yourselfAnd I am a coach, a mentor and a teacher (and I play a therapist on TV but that’s another story! heh), so I’m not saying that support isn’t helpful. All of those individuals helped me see a perspective that I couldn’t at the time.  They also helped me step more into my soul potential and my work in this life.

Good stuff, yes?

Where I got hung up (as did my friend) was in believing that these people knew better than I did.  After all, weren’t we paying them some good bucks to tell us what to do?

Lemme set you straight on that one, kids.

A coach, a therapist, a mentor – are all your partners.  Just like your team of Guides and Teachers in Spirit.  They are not gods you put on a pedestal or all-knowing amazing beings who will tell you the exact right steps to six-figure success.

Nope.  Just normal people like you and me.  Who happen to have expertise in an area you don’t.

That’s it.

When it comes to your business, your life, your own self-worth, start with the premise that you know more than just a little something about yourself.  Because you do.

You’ve lived your life and while others can walk it with you, no one knows it and you like you do.

Don’t underestimate the power of that.

Tales of woe and power loss

Once upon a time, in a land far away (or right here, I’m not saying which) there was a girl who, despite being a voracious consumer of information products and reader of same, believed that others could tell her the magical formula for her business.

She chose one mentor, then another, always feeling like something wasn’t right.

But they know better, she thought. And I’m paying good money for it so they must know.

She tucked her feelings back on a shelf.

And tucked.

And tucked.

When she had wandered far away from her heart’s desire, she realized that she was the one who did this.  Not this mentor or that coach.

She had chosen to believe them over herself because she was scared to trust herself.

Yet, the result of making that choice moved her further away than ever.

That doesn’t seem right.

So she decided to start back at square one, where she began back when she thought she had no idea what she was doing.

Turns out, that was right all along.

But she had to stray off her path to see it.

Moral of this woeful tale?

Trust your inner knowing above all else

Work WITH your coach, mentor and/or teacher. They may have more information on a certain topic than you do, but the decision on how to run your life, your business, your whatever ultimately rests with you.

Don’t give that beautiful part of you away.

You came in with it and it will serve your highest good if you allow it.

Will you allow it?


By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Spiraling into shame

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Lately, I’ve noticed the buzzword ‘shame’ everywhere.

Robert Ohotto talks about it often on his radio show.

Brene Brown writes about it in her books.

And the more I looked around, the more I noticed how we live (and somehow function) in a shame-based society.

Day 003 - Shame As I understand it, shame is that feeling that in some profound way, you are not good enough, strong enough, defective at your core. The very essence of you is NOT ENOUGH.

Many of us (myself included) grew up with this feeling, as if it was part of our genetic make-up.

I lived in the shadow of my cousin, believing that I was ‘less than’ because I wasn’t like her. This feeling was reinforced in many ways and became part of how I viewed myself. “I wasn’t her, could never be her, so I suck” became my reality. It was a long time before I could differentiate my own skills and gifts from hers and be okay with it.

It’s so insidious and can really, really impact your own joy and satisfaction in the life you create.

And it can be a pretty big effort to transform that shame into an energy that moves you forward rather than holds you back.

Robert Ohotto mentioned something on his show the other night – how much of what we try to change is based in shame.

For example: if you want to lose weight, the feeling that gets you doing something might be “Geez, I look like a pig. What the hell is wrong with me? I can’t fit into any of my clothes and I’m just a pig. No one will want me looking like this.”

Look how shame-filled that diatribe is (and I didn’t have to go far to pull that one out – I’ve said it in my head so many times). Did beating myself up help me lose and maintain that weight loss? No. It just reinforced how crappy I felt about myself. And when you make change from that place of shame, it often doesn’t take hold. (It’s possible, sure, but more likely not.)

Ohotto suggests that the changes we make that are based in worthiness are more likely to succeed. I learned that one when I shifted my desire to lose weight just to feel good in my body. The times I’ve changed my eating based on that rather than “what a pig you are” have been much more successful.

Yet, shame can be a comfortable place for us. It’s been my default for so long and it takes lots of consciousness, desire and willingness to shift it.   But it can be done.

It starts with an awareness.  Just for today, look at the ways you shame yourself – that voice in your head telling you that you’re crap, that you never do anything right, that you don’t deserve anything good in life because you did something horrible years before and now you must pay for it.

Listen to that voice and see if you can give some compassion and love to it.  (Almost as if you’re a parent comforting your child who was bullied at school.)   Bring compassion and understanding to the situation first, then see if you can reframe it from a place of worthiness.

Going back to our weight issue – instead of berating yourself because you’re not fitting in your pants, offer yourself some love. Maybe you’ve been eating more than usual to mask your sadness over something.  Maybe you feel defeated and eating is the only thing that helps you feel different.

Understanding the situation and what led to it isn’t letting yourself off the hook.  (In the same way that forgiving someone’s hurtful behavior isn’t absolving them of the consequences.)

Instead, it’s a healthier way to shed some of the shame associated with it.  When you release that shame (bit by bit), it becomes easier to make those long-term changes.

And if you’re having trouble getting past that shame, consider what payoff you’re getting by keeping it around. No one does anything without some sort of payoff (negative OR positive, it doesn’t matter).

One of the things a good intuitive can do is help you locate those blind spots and, with the help of your Guide team, make small tweaks and changes so you’re moving in the right direction, along your soul path.

The Guides are never, ever judgmental – they truly seek to support, uplift and assist you but they won’t blow smoke up your ass.  If something big is going on, they’ll tell you and offer suggestions on how to change it.  The actions are up to you.

If you’re running into a lot of shame that’s holding you back, book a session with me and let’s bring it to the surface and heal this part of it so you can move on.

There’s no reason to stay stuck and sad.  Too much support is available for that.  🙂


Why a certification course?

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

CertifiedSo, where did this whole idea of a Professional Intuitive course come from and why a certified one, at that?

Dear reader, you ask such salient questions and so timely, too!

Back in the spring, I was asked to receive a reading from a student in Slade Roberson’s Automatic Intuition course and offer feedback.  As I was giving that feedback, I realized that I really liked doing it and, as a bonus, I was good at it!  My higher self said to me “Ya know, you could be doing this all the time.”  Hmmm.  (When my HS speaks, I listen.)

That event birthed the Mentoring Pilot Program where I was going to try out (with a group of willing participants) teaching and mentoring burgeoning intuitive readers.  I learned A LOT through the summer run of that program and made the decision to take it a step further with a certification course.

The funny thing is, I keep telling my students that you don’t need a thousand certifications before you start getting out there doing readings.

Which led me to ask myself “If that’s true, why are you offering a course with that as the goal?”  (Like you, I ask myself salient questions too!)

Here’s the answer


(UBC) Day 15: Introducing Edwene Gaines and the Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

So, you ask your Guides for help or directions to your next step, right? And you vow that when you see it, you’ll step into it, no questions asked (because you and your Guides are tight like that).

What if what came in front of you was something that really (and I mean REALLY) called you to step out of that so so comfy zone you inhabit 24/7?

Would you still do it? Or would you ask the Universe to send you something a tad more palatable?

When I get something more challenging than what usually shows up when I ask for next steps, I try to look at it like a reminder from my Guides that I’m ready for a shift. A reminder that I have what it takes to make the big leap being offered to me (and that there’s a net if I get scared about it!).

Edwene Gaines is who showed up to move me forward.

edwenegainesWell, not in person although she sounds like a lot of fun and I’d be more than happy to entertain her any time she wants to hang out with me.

She showed up in the form of a book called The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance.

Edwene, an ordained Unity minister, sets out in plain language the four steps she used to completely change her life into a prosperous one.

What does being prosperous mean? Well, here’s what she says about it.

“My definition of prosperity is:

  • having a ”vitally alive healthy body for the God-being that we are to express through;
  • relationships that are joyous, satisfying, intimate, honest, and nurturing, and that work all the time;
  • work that we love so much it’s not work but play; and
  • all the money that we can spend.”

Did that last one push any buttons for you? I mean, if you’re spiritual, aren’t you supposed to not be attached to material goods?

We can all get behind good health, great relationships and joyous work, right? Who doesn’t want that? But get to the money part and WHOA! Feel the woo-brakes come on.

This week, I’ll be talking about each of those spiritual principles Edwene teaches and how it’s shifting my life in all kinds of ways.  It’s not a commitment for the faint of heart (one part of it has to do with giving up complaining, whining and gossiping. Heck, my personal blog may have to just shut its doors because that’s mostly what it’s been for years!!) but when I am called to pay attention, I pay attention.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the first spiritual principle that seems to really snag people right off the bat.

(Hint: it involves money and you letting go of some of it!)

Are you ready to change your life? Meet me back here tomorrow and we’ll start.


What happens to someone on the other end of an energetic cord of attachment?

Lisa Wechtenhiser

Let’s say you have a friend and for fun, let’s call her Gladys.

Well, she used to be your friend but lately something has happened and she’s turned against you. She’s been hanging out with your group of friends and not asking you along.

Come to find out, she’s also undermining your efforts at the job where you both work. Out of nowhere, your life has begun to suck and suck hard thanks to whatever Gladys has going on.

You decide that you can’t take it anymore and would like to just be rid of this whole mess. But you still have to see her at work. And your friends still want her to hang out when you all get together.

Outside of hiding in your house forever, what can you do to shift that situation? There’s no changing Gladys, right?


There’s only changing you.


So, you engage me to do a session of healing where we sever the energetic cord of attachment with your former pal. We call in the wonderfully amazing Archangel Michael to do the big work, Archangel Raphael to help with the healing afterwards and any other Divine Being you wish to have there as well. It’s a beautiful process where the cord that contains all the crappy toxic stuff between you and Gladys is removed, leaving only the nice stuff (memories that you cherish, unconditional love, etc.). We look at the patterns that were active between you both and often come to understand the underlying dynamics of the relationship.

Having both energetic healing and the conscious understanding of what was going on is a powerful way to shift this situation. It can make a huge difference in how you handle things because Gladys’s behavior may no longer poke you in quite the same way as before. Pretty cool, eh?

But, what about Gladys? Will she know we did some psychic level surgery that involved her aura? Will she look at you sideways as you walk past her at work?

Short answer: NOPE.

Longer answer: Your pal Gladys won’t feel a thing. That’s because, as far as her aura is concerned, nothing has changed. We know a LOT has changed on your side. But on hers? Nothing.

This is because of a little something called Divine Homeostasis. It’s a lovely balancing act the Divine Being in charge of your healing work does as a part of the job. Archangel Michael ensures that nothing happens to the energy of the other individual because they did not give conscious permission to sever that cord.

You did give that conscious permission (as part of our work) so you are the one who will feel the effect of it.

Gladys continues on, unaware that you’ve done anything at all.

Removing a cord of attachment is sort of like unplugging something from the wall socket. The power may still be on but there’s no cord there for it to flow through. The cord is still attached on Gladys’s side, but that energy is no longer being pumped into you.

How will your life change as a result of removing that cord of attachment?

That varies from person to person but one of the things I see most often in my clients is a feeling of distance from the situation. In the case of your friend Gladys, it could mean that her behavior no longer hurts the way it did before. We’ve removed the toxic stuff between you so it’s almost like you were watching her actions on a movie screen. You see them, but they don’t affect you the way they once did.

This is the most profound healing I facilitate in my work.


I’ve experienced having many of my own cords released and have seen first-hand the changes that can come from something seemingly so simple. And I’ve seen it with my clients as well. Big changes happen when you work on that energetic plane.

For more information on Cords of Attachment, what they are and why it serves you *now* to release them, check out these links

Listen to my podcast about cutting energetic cords
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What happens in a reading?

Questions? Please comment below and I’ll answer them all.

Or, email me to discuss your situation privately and see if this healing would help you.