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One hour to change your life

Last Saturday, my pal Christine and I tried a new experience – we went to spend time in a flotation tank. You know what that is, right?

FloatIt’s where you get nekkid, step into warm, salty water in a dark enclosed space and basically lie there for an hour with no sound. Doesn’t that just sound like big fun?

(Claustrophobics, I hear you cringing way over here!)

Those of you who have worked with me know that I am highly skilled at moving right on out of my body and into the ether to dance with Guides and Teachers in Spirit. I thought this adventure of floating in salty water in the dark would be right up my alley. Float on, baybeee!

Yeah, no.

Nekkid me (yes, this is all done in a private space so I wasn’t scaring anyone with said nakedness) entered the chamber (shown above) and slid down into the water. Warm, nice, yes. But for some reason, my body wanted to try to control the experience and I was worried about sinking or drowning (in 2″ of water, but whatever). I tried to hold my head out of the water so my hair didn’t get too wet and I was just uncomfortable as all get out.

How am I going to last 60 minutes in this space? UGH. Can I just get out now?

Then I heard my Guides say “Trust your body to keep you safe”. No, I thought. I will do no such thing! Can’t I just float out and play on the astral plane? Please?

Nope. “Trust your body to keep you safe” they said again. (and again, and again, and again! Jeez, they are stubborn buttheads.)

So, to shut them up, I allowed the back of my head to go under the water, my hands up over my head and I laid there. My body got weirdly crampy and I wanted to get up but I heard them again saying “Trust your body to keep you safe”.

At that point, there wasn’t much else to do so I sank all the way into the warm water, fully submerged my head as much as possible (covering my ears) and surrendered to the notion that, indeed, my body WILL keep me safe.

Surrender is an interesting thing. It brings up all kinds of resistance and visions of foot-stomping and just STUFF. After a while, though, it faded and I melted into the water, feeling a lot more peaceful than when I started this adventure.

Before I knew it, the music came on to signal the end of the hour-long session and I stood up, felt for the door and opened it into the light. As I showered the ton of salt off, I felt something I have not felt very often.

I was grounded in my own body for almost the first time in my adult life. It’s a difference I have felt ever since that session. It wasn’t fleeting and it hasn’t disappeared.

It was a complete shift in how I BE in the world. And it took just one hour and my willingness to go to a scary place (literally and figuratively) to get to the other side. Who knew?

One hour really can change your whole life.

Practically Intuitive Turns 6!

This month, Practically Intuitive turns six – I can hardly believe it’s been that long and yet, here I am! When I started offering readings in 2010, I was doing it because I was guided to and because it spoke to the part of me that wanted to support others in their personal development. (Yes, I wanted to be a therapist back in the day. That should surprise no one who knows me, right?)

As my business grew, I began training others how to do intuitive readings that were focused on being practical rather than what I considered ‘airy-fairy’ (‘your aura is pink and that means you are filled with love’ kind of thing that is nice to know but how does it help you?).

Out of that experience came the business side of Practically Intuitive. Combining 33 years of work in the financial services world with my super intuitive skills, I was able to guide those who wanted to start a business offering readings or other healing work.

All of those things came from following the next step. Setting an intention and watching for what opens up. Stepping up even when it’s scary, hiding when it’s too scary and making my way forward. If you’ve been with me a while you know that there were a lot of bumpy roads and there was even a false start with a whole new business last summer.

Whee! Entrepreneurship is fun, right?? 


At the end of last year, I decided it was time for a much tighter focus so you know exactly how I can help you. And that’s where “Aligned and Unleashed 2016” came from. I realized that as you’re creating a business, you also need to build a foundation that will support you through all the twists and turns.

If you’re constantly in your own way, getting out there to talk about what you do will feel like swimming through mud. If you’re not sure what you offer or how you help others, it’s worse than swimming in mud.Clarity is king. Knowing what you offer that is truly and uniquely yours and ways to take that out into the world makes it so much easier and much more fun.

Image-1 (4)“Aligned and Unleashed 2016”  helps lay the important groundwork for creating a business YOUR way. There’s no ‘right way’ to do it, there’s just what works for you. (I learned that one the hard way!)


I’m excited to share this program with you because it will give you tools and processes along with specific strategies to build your business and take care of your self.Look for more information coming soon but if you want to get in on the fun earlier, click this here linky and hop on the email list.


Here’s to finding YOUR focus this year!
PS: Yep, intuitive readings are always available to you should you need some extra insight and guidance on your path. Read more about them and book yours by going here: Intuitive Readings  – 30 minute sessions now open!

Don’t contract! EXPAND!

Last week, I had the good fortune to interview the wonderful Glenyce Hughes – did you listen in?

Check it out here:

We talked about ways empaths and other highly-sensitive people can stay in their own energy and not get caught up in everyone else’s. Glenyce mentioned a tool that seemed to fly against conventional wisdom in the energy/Woo community.

Here it is: instead of closing your aura, bringing your energy inward, setting up protective boundaries and generally making yourself energetically smaller, why not open up and E X P A N D?

Well, there’s a new concept!

Really? I thought. Hmmm. Interesting.

Expand your energy out and out and out so that you get bigger instead of smaller.

I’m so used to shutting off, closing down, running away (mentally) from stuff that to open up and expand feels … scary? odd? foreign? to me.

What happens when you do that? I wondered if I’d be asking for everyone’s yuck to come flying at me which I really (really!!) don’t want. But I’m trying it (because, hey, why not?) to see what happens when I bring my big energy out.

Remember that any time you shift something big (and doing this IS a big deal, even if you don’t think it is), those around you might not take to it immediately (or at all!). I bet, though, it feels so empowering that you won’t want to go back to contraction and smallness.

Your challenge for the week is this: in situations where you are used to closing off your energy (disagreements with your partner, visiting hospitals or cemeteries, volatile environments), consciously choose to move your energy outward. Reach out to the very ends of your being (guess what? There IS no end!) and create space for your energy to flow.

Email me and let me know what that felt like to you. Was it cool? Scary? Weird? What happened when you tried it?

PS: “How much space do I need to occupy for this not to affect me?” – another good question Glenyce mentioned. If you’re not sure how big to project out, ask this and trust (TRUST!!) what you receive back as an answer.  (There were lots of useful questions like these on the call – it was just 30 minutes long – go listen!)

Are you half-assing your dreams?


Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I am an unrepentant half-asser. I’ve half-assed school, I’ve half-assed work and I’ve sure as hell half-assed relationships.

And Father, the truth is, I’ve done pretty well half-assing things. I have a college degree, a sweet marriage, am a licensed stockbroker and run a thriving intuitive business. It’s taken me this long, though, to understand that there are some things you just cannot half-ass.

Your dreams. Father, you cannot half-ass your dreams.

This is a new lesson for me. See, my soul has been calling me to work with others in a way that sometimes feels scary to me. So I managed to soothe myself by creating a situation where I didn’t have to full-ass my dreams. I backed myself into a corner and then played victim to it. (How I love playing victim because it absolves me of any responsibility to do anything. Nice deal if you can get it, eh?)

But the thing is this: I created it because I was scared. I know that now. And I also know that the biggest lesson I learned is that I can no longer half-ass my dreams. If I do, I will regret it the rest of my days. I will have to admit that I did not live out my soul’s desire and potential.

Father, I commit on this day to full-assing my dreams. That means doing some things that feel hard. That means digging down deep and clearing out what stands in my way. And it means taking ownership of my life. If I’ve gotten this far doing things halfway, imagine what I could do if I played full out.

Just imagine. And them watch me.

OMFG – a personal story

I’ve kept a personal blog for over twelve years (hey! I have a lot to say!) and found this entry from 2011 and thought I’d share it.

(BTW, “Duty” is what I call my husband since he’s all about it)

For reals: OMFG, y’all

So, let’s recap, shall we:

1. I have sincere conversation with Duty about a timeline for my leaving pain in the ass day job. He says “$6000 in the bank and a possible part time job and then I might feel okay about it.”

1a. I haz a sad about it because I cannot stand day job any more.

2. Vow that no one shall stand in the way of what I want. Choose $3000/empowerment for manifesting amount and words, mindful that this is double what I had last month but what the hell, right? I can stand a bit of chaos.

2a. Universe laughs. And the thunder chaos rolls.

3. Forced to take on 3x the amount of responsibility at work. Whole office is in uproar as the departure of one person has created a tear in the time-space continuum and all goes to hell on board the USS Enterprise.

4. At night, brain too fried to create classes as planned. Whole month’s income goes down the toilet as I barely make $1000.

5. Begin to make peace with the fact that $3000 and an “I will show all of you not to get in my way” attitude does not an abundant month make.

6. Work diligently at creating a more peaceful space and let go of the urgency to leave that damn job NOW.

7. Take a class on energy and family dynamics wherein I am told that a big part of my work now is to forgive myself for all that I have done or not done and to move on from that place. Truly forgive from a heartful place of compassion.

8. Take 2nd glass of wine, sit out under the stars and cry into a place of self-forgiveness for all manner of stupid shit in life.

9. Begin again to feel at peace with the flow of things.

10. Damn near crap my pants as $6000 falls into my lap out of nowhere. (I am so not kidding. It really did.)

11. Listen to Duty  nearly crap his pants as I point out to him that he said if I had $6000 in the bank, I could quit day job. Know that he’s going to rain on my parade with this somehow but hope he gets that this is a gift from the Universe delivered through a specific channel. He both rains and gets.

12. Remind him that he told me last summer I’m not sure I totally understand all this stuff you do but I have to say that weird things do happen around you that I can’t explain.”

13. Mention that I am not planning on leaving job tomorrow (or even in a month) but September is what I’m shooting for. Hear him heave a sigh of relief.

14. Laugh to myself about how the Universe and my Angels always, always amaze me.

15. Dance around house

16. Empowerment came through after all, yo!

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Lisa Wechtenhiser

I call bullshit!

Bestie Anni and I were talking the other day and she mentioned this quote from renowned author Sonia Choquette about meeting with your Guides:

“Another way to show appreciation is to keep a clean and organized home. If that’s asking too much, at least maintain the area around your altar in this manner. This shows your respect for the guides by giving them a peaceful, clear place to rest.

This right here? Bullshit of the highest order. Seriously.

How do I know?

In addition to being the High Priestess of the Woo, I am also the High Priestess of Clutter. And if the Guides demanded (needed/wanted) respect to be shown in this manner, I am quite sure either I’d be nudged to remove that clutter or else risk losing my ah-mazing skills.

Since neither has happened, I think it’s pretty safe to say Guides do not give one tinker’s damn about a peaceful, clear place to rest.

With all due respect to Sonia Choquette, I am enormously bothered when teachers (famous ones at that) say things like this because it sets conditions on working with Guides in Spirit. And that is never, ever the case.


You don’t have to have a clean house, a pure heart, a big purse to ask your Guides for help. Their support is UNCONDITIONAL. Always.

And this is what I mean when I speak of discernment. Here’s a respected teacher in the world of Woo setting conditions on how your Guides will work best with you.

Nope. Nope and oh yeah, nope.

Don’t accept it. Don’t take it in. Don’t allow it to make you feel less than because you’re a creature of clutter.

Just don’t.

I’m not some fancy author with a butt-load of books to my name (yet!) but I am one of the clearest channels for Spirit Guide wisdom you will ever come across. So believe me when I tell you that your Guides are available to you – 100% – at all times, in all ways, in all conditions.

You need them? They’re there. All you have to do is ask.