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[pullquote]Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
Lao Tzu [/pullquote]

That famous quote by Lao Tzu is really at the heart of how Guides in Spirit work. As I mentioned in an earlier post , your Guides are there to empower you, not to tell you what to do.

Recently, I did a reading with Maddie* and as we ended the hour, it became clear to me all the ways her Guides encouraged her to find her own power.

Maddie showed up for our session with her questions all written out.  She had many of them and was truly ready for some direction. For example, she had some varmints snarfing down her vegetable garden and wanted to know how she could protect the food from them.

In response, her Guides showed me a small metal fence around the area and when I told her the picture, she replied that she didn’t think a fence would work. In my mind’s eye, I saw them pointing to her and when I questioned what they were saying, I got that she was to create an energetic fence around the plants.

The Guides shared with me (and what I shared in turn with her) was that she has an amazing gift for working with energy.  Since she is attuned to Reiki, the Guides indicated that she had what was necessary, energetically speaking, to create a barrier that the animals would respect.

I thought that was kind of cool, actually. So did she.  It was one way the Guides were showing her that the ability to take care of the issue was within her.

“Everything you need is there inside you”

This theme of self-empowerment is something I see so often during the readings I do for others.  And even in the information my Guides send me.

Just today I was out in the pool, floating around, having a chat with my Guides.   (I seem to connect best with them near water – and yes, they often visit me in the bathroom – don’t ask. heh)

I was talking about a situation with another client and voiced my concerns that perhaps the issue was too big for me to handle. Their reply: “If it comes in front of you, know that you have what you need to work with it.  And you always have us as backup.”

That made me smile because I really *do* have the skills to assist my client and it was nice to have that reminder. We often forget that we know these things and look outside ourselves for something – someone – to fix it for us or at least tell us what to do.

It’s harder and definitely more challenging to “learn how to fish” for ourselves.  Yet, that is what working with your Guides in Spirit can teach you. (Well, maybe not fishing, exactly but who knows? Maybe they are expert in just such a thing!)

In the example with Maddie, above, they reminded her that she has the ability to take care of her vegetables using her energetic skills. They didn’t tell her exactly *how* to do that. It’s hers to figure out. But they were able to show her a path where she didn’t see one before.

And that is the work of your Higher Self and your Guides in Spirit – to show you paths and options you might not see. It’s up to YOU to walk down that path.

*not her real name