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You want to change the world, right?

Then let’s get you moving and grooving!

Soul + Strategy Business Jam Session

Raise your hand if this is you:

  • You’ve taken every training out there and have more business information on your hard drive thabusiness strategistn the Library of Congress.
  • Your expenses far outweigh your income and you’re still paying for those damn programs that sit on your computer, unused. Every time you make a payment, you beat yourself up for all the wasted money.
  • You see others getting ahead, talking about how their business is taking off and you sit in front of your computer and want to cry. How come it has to be so hard? All you want to do is help people. Isn’t that enough?

Wouldn’t it be a relief to have someone help you separate out the pieces that need action now and those you can wait on? Think about how much you could get done if you just knew what actions to take! It’s not that you don’t want to do it. It’s that you don’t even know where to begin! Can you imagine the glorious feeling when it all *finally* comes together and there’s a wait list of people who want to work with you?

Ah! Sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found thee!

Actually, there’s no mystery involved at all! You just need someone who can take your chaos, overwhelm and despair and almost as if by magic, turn it into ease and joy! It’s not hard, it just takes some know-how and experience. And that’s where I come in! As a business strategist for intuitives and healers (and your own Fairy Godmother), not only do I see your big picture potential but the micro-steps that help get you there. When we work together, you won’t get 300 pages of instructions and a busy Facebook group to keep up with.

You’ll get my eyes and on your business.

You’ll get the next few steps, the reasons behind those steps and a very clear plan on how to take those steps. Once you have that clear plan, the resistance fades into the background. No resistance equals fearless action. Fearless action equals knowing what works for your business (because you’re willing to test it out and see what works!). You know what action to take and YOU TAKE IT. How cool would it be to know yourself and your business so well that you can rock and roll through anything?

I’m going to start you on that path.


This Soul + Strategy Business Jam Session package includes:


Business Confessional Booth:

listeningThis is where our work begins, right here in this space. You’ll receive a “Talk to Me Heart-to-Heart” set of journal prompts that will illuminate where our work can go. Take some time to answer these because it will guide us on our journey together. Once you’ve shared this information with me, the energy shifts and we move on to the next step.

Soul + Strategy Private Session – 60 minutes of magic

As a well-seasoned professional intuitive, I bring a depth to this work that other strategists don’t. I know how to get under energy, around words and into the heart of the matter fast. We’ll talk what’s really going on in your business based on what you wrote in the Confessional Booth and pinpoint the exact areas that need intuitive guidance (that’s my specialty!).  

Bringing in higher wisdom helps cut through all the noise, resistance and fear so you can hear very clearly what those next moves are. When you have a plan of where to go and what to do, you can tell the negative Nellie in your head to just step off! You’ve got this! (Ever experienced that? It’s freakin’ awesome and it feels so damn good!)

Here’s my solemn promise to you: You’ll leave the program focused on what matters – work that lifts you up, serves the world and makes you money. Straight up. No chaos. No overwhelm. No confusion. Just clear steps that you can get moving on immediately. Pinky swear.

Soul + Strategy Support

After our call, you can ask questions and get feedback for three days in Basecamp. Here we can talk about whatever has come up as a result of our call (resistance, fear, etc.) and get clear about what you’ll be working on afterwards.

Soul + Strategy Next Steps

One week after our first call, we’ll have a final 30-minute session to talk about where you can go from here. We’ll look at what’s needed and you’ll leave with clarity on exactly what you (and your business) need to move forward.

Investment: $297

If you’re *finally* ready to see what’s possible

when you get out of chaos and overwhelm, I’m ready to help!

This program is for you if:

 You’re willing to take action on what comes through from our work together.

You’re open to honest, loving feedback.

You’re willing to be in close contact with me through this program and let me know what’s going on so I can support and assist you.

♥ You know there’s no magic bullet but you’re willing to see what is possible when you truly listen to your inner knowing and follow it


This program isn’t for you if:

You keep asking (and paying!) for help and not doing anything with it. (Why are you doing this, anyway?)

Your fear of what others will think is greater than your desire to do the work of your soul.

You’re just playing around with your business and aren’t committed to really putting yourself out there.

>>If it’s a perfect fit for you, then here’s what you do next<<


1. Click the blue button below to pay for your session

2. Once payment is confirmed, I’ll email you with instructions on our next steps. You’ll be set up on Basecamp (our work space) and you’ll find your Business Confessional questions waiting for you.

3.  Get ready for some transformation and magic!

Soul + Strategy Business Jam Session
Support, Ideas, Plans, Follow-up: It's all yours!
Price: $297.00

Thank you for all your guidance – investing in you is the best thing I have done in a long time!

Joanna Hennon

Intuitive and Channel, Create Your World

Working with Lisa was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business.

She helped me to see what was not working and gave me more clarity on how to bring my business into alignment.

Lisa is the best Spirit Guide channel I’ve come across and was able to get to the root of the problem quickly. Since working with her, my ability to communicate with my Spirit Guides has improved tremendously, which came as an unexpected surprise.

I feel more motivated and inspired going forward and sharing my work with the world now.

Dustin Jackson

Energy Healer, DustinJackson.com

hands-63743_1280Monthly Mentoring 


The support you need exactly when you need it.

Like you, I’ve done the standard coaching programs. “We talk the 2nd Tuesday of the month and you can bring up your issues then.”  Well, what if “my issues” happen right before a launch? Do I have to jump through a bunch of hoops and your assistant’s calendar before I can get some help over here? So not a fan of that model. It’s not me and it’s not helpful to you either. Here’s the deal: You get me, when you need me. By phone, by email, by carrier pigeon (okay, not the pigeon!) but you get me when you need the support.  Don’t have lots of stuff going on one month? Roll your time into the next when you DO need some assistance.

It’s a minimum three-month package and here’s how it works:

You’ll have access to me via Basecamp throughout the program – if you need copy assistance, ideas, someone to listen when you feel lost,etc. I’m there for you. All you need to do is ask. (Really. You’ve got me in your back pocket.) You’ll also have two 60 minute recorded calls to use however you want – one 2-hour call or two 1-hour calls or roll it over into the next month. However you want to use that time, it’s all yours. (You won’t lose any of it – you get 6 hours throughout the program and can use it as needed.) You’ll have a dedicated space in Basecamp for us to talk keep all of your work straight and organized without having a bunch of emails and Facebook messages to go looking through. We stay in contact with each other minus all the distractions.

Your investment in your business?

$500 / monthly

Lisa is an amazingly insightful coach.

I was feeling stuck with my website copy and ignored it for about a year. I didn’t even want to look at my site. I’m so used to writing for others and I had trouble writing for myself. But with just our initial session together, I was filled with fresh ideas for my business! It definitely kickstarted me back into my work. Lisa helped me find my “voice” in writing about my work. She is an injection of motivation and is an absolute joy to work with.

Lana Le

Ready to get to work? Click the link below and let’s get rocking!

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