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I like to write, what can I say?

There are over five years of posts here, yo!

A teacher of teachers

By now you might have heard that renowned spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away on Sunday. Words of love and thanks were all over Facebook and Twitter as the Lightworker community responded to the news. For many of us, he was our first teacher as we started... read more

Fear is a choice

Greetings! So, here’s a thing about me: I really like to know what motivates someone’s word or actions. Most of my life is spent wondering “what’s THAT about?” because there’s a reason people say or do things (or don’t say or... read more

Transformation takes time

This past week, I went to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend Ignite, an event my coach, mentor and good friend Angella Johnson brought to life. (Yep, that’s us on the left.) Ignite is like Woo + Biz on steroids! There was marketing, strategy, bellydancing, drum... read more