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“Be who you are.” – I remember giving that advice to an ex-boyfriend during a job hunt. He was padding his resume with all kinds of things that he had not yet done and I said that he would end up with a job where neither he nor his employer would be happy with the match. When he would go to interviews, I’d kiss him goodbye and say “Be who you are. It’s enough.”

That was many years ago but that story floats back into my head now and again as I think about what it truly means to “be who you are” whether it’s for a job interview or just hanging around the house. We all wear so many masks, don’t we? Most of those masks, I think, come from being told that we are not good enough, smart enough, attractive enough ad nauseum. So, we put on our biggest smiles even as our hearts are breaking or cry when we’re mad because we don’t know how to express anger. After a while, it’s difficult to know what’s a mask and what is you just “being who you are”.

I knew this was something for me to really look at when part of Andrea’s latest course “Inspired Income Mastery” was titled (wait for it!) “Be who you are.” Yeah, that was a callout from the Universe for me precisely because of that earlier comment to the ex-BF. What happens if you take all the masks off and show your real, true self to the world? Is that thought scary to you? It is to me. Why? Because we are vulnerable and that makes us open to hurt. On the flip side, though, it also frees us up to do our work in this world in the way that only we can do it.

And it’s really a matter of allowing that to shine through. Without knowing what will happen and without fear of whatever does. I’m taking my mask off and unleashing my inner High Priestess self. I have no idea how that will float with those in my life and you know what? I cannot control that. I can only control what *I* do. (I suspect most of them see that inner HP, anyway! heh) Acknowledging who you truly are, underneath it all, is both scary and cool. ¬†And, as I am coming to learn, the only way to be.

Are you brave enough to unleash your inner self?

I’d love to work with you to clear away some of the stuff that’s in the way (cutting cords of energetic attachment is one way to do it) and open up space for your own authentic self to shine! Email me and let’s talk about some ways to do that.