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Marketing is an invitation into your world.




When people click on to your site and sign up to your email list, are they really getting a sense of who you are and how you can help them?




Or are they getting the cold shoulder?  A ‘thanks for joining my list, here’s your freebie’ and then … nothing?


That’s probably not intentional on your part.

Maybe you don’t know how to welcome people to your world authentically.

Maybe you didn’t even know that you needed to do that.

Guess what? You do.

If your soul is calling you forward to help others, you can’t do that without marketing.


Marketing is really an invitation for people to connect with you.

Let me show just how easy that can be. 

If you're not creating these invitations in your business, you are losing money every single day

Here are three big keys to building a relationship with your prospective clients


→ Create an authentic connection right from the start with your opt-in and auto-responder sequence

Are you making a good first impression so that your prospective client feels connected to you? Do they feel like you’re someone who can help them in some way? This is where that relationship begins.

→ Keep that connection going with consistent emails to your list.

People buy more stuff when they hear from you often” – Neville Medhora.  It’s the “Know, Like and Trust” padlock-550694_640factor.  The more often you connect with your list, the more they get to know you and trust you. And you’ll be the first one they go to when they need what you offer.

→ Deepen that connection with one-on-one time with your Bite-Sized-Offer.

When someone wants to work with you, do you have an offer that’s a great first step? Is it something so awesome they can easily say “YES! I want that!”?

Why create that authentic connection?

Kendrick Shope says “All things being equal, friends buy from friends. All things being unequal, friends buy from friends”. While you don’t have to aim to be best friends with your clients, you can create a space of warmth and support so they feel comfortable coming to you. When your soul work is to be of service and make a difference in someone’s life, that connection is so valuable.


Why wouldn’t you want to have that?

Plain and simple, here’s the deal:

Without these pieces in place, there’s no connection with people who have joined your list. They have said “Yes, I want to hear more from you” by giving their email address.

If you’re not:

  • making them feel welcome
  • communicating with them on a regular basis
  • making offers to them for program that you know would help

You are letting them down and breaking trust. How can they feel good about working with you if you’ve already stumbled at creating an important connection?


Let me help you set it up right so they feel good about saying YES to you!


I narrowed things down to three specific ways you do this:


Create your Opt-in and your email sequence so they get warm fuzzies for you right from the start. (Are you stuck on what to do for that opt-in? We will totally take care of that!)

small-check-mark-172477Get your weekly (or bi-weekly) emails to your list set up and planned out for the rest of the year including topics to discuss, how and when to make offers and more.

small-check-mark-172477Create a Bite-Sized Offer so you can feel really good about asking people to work with you. We’ll cover what’s included in the offer, pricing it appropriately and how to market it.

Each package above includes the following:

One 30-minute call with me to lay out our ideas before we dig in

Two 90-minute separate recorded calls where you get my eyes and heart on your business. Strategies + Steps = Win!

Access to me via Basecamp between calls for editing, proofing, brainstorming and keeping you moving

One 30-minute follow-up call to tie up loose ends


Your investment? $500 each


You can choose the one that you need most or all three if you want to get things done!


Lets Go



You get tons of support and guidance, ideas and strategies galore, help to get it done and the know how to do it yourself in the future. How does it get better than that?


So, what does YOUR business need to make that authentic connection work for your client and you?

This just might be it!


Questions? Want to talk about this program one-on-one with me? Go here >>> Click Me <<< and jump on my calendar and we’ll see if this is right for you!


I help you pinpoint your process and empower you to do this work again and again in all your programs.

You get engaged support from me and come away from the time we spend together saving yourself thousands of dollars in time and effort trying to figure out what’s going to work for you.

Me + You + Knowledge + Heart = a business and marketing process that brings you JOY (and income)!

Why work with me?

With  years of strategic marketing experience I’ve been around the block a time or two. I’ve invested a lot into various programs and courses to add to my knowledge base in addition to being highly intuitive about all of it. 

When people tell me that they aren’t speaking to their ideal client or the marketing message feels forced, it’s usually because they aren’t tapping into their true marketing style.

I’ve learned the keys that work for different people helping them open doors that invite clients, customers and new friends into their world.

When you work with me I will give you your own set of keys so that you can open not only one door but many giving you more control in who you invite into your world but also helping you develop long lasting relationships with your clients who come back to work with you again and again, like mine do.

Most big name marketing gurus charge you $5,000 or more just to take you through their process. Key words: THEIR PROCESS.

This is not just another template program. This is tailored to your business and your needs.  Authentic and aligned. How can that make a difference in your business and bank account?

Lisa is an amazingly insightful coach.

I was feeling stuck with my website copy and ignored it for about a year. I didn’t even want to look at my site. I’m so used to writing for others and I had trouble writing for myself.

But with just our initial session together, I was filled with fresh ideas for my business! It definitely kickstarted me back into my work.

Lisa helped me find my “voice” in writing about my work. She is an injection of motivation and is an absolute joy to work with.

Lana Le

Soul Path Light

Questions? Talk to me! I'm happy to help.