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Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I am an unrepentant half-asser. I’ve half-assed school, I’ve half-assed work and I’ve sure as hell half-assed relationships.

And Father, the truth is, I’ve done pretty well half-assing things. I have a college degree, a sweet marriage, am a licensed stockbroker and run a thriving intuitive business. It’s taken me this long, though, to understand that there are some things you just cannot half-ass.

Your dreams. Father, you cannot half-ass your dreams.

This is a new lesson for me. See, my soul has been calling me to work with others in a way that sometimes feels scary to me. So I managed to soothe myself by creating a situation where I didn’t have to full-ass my dreams. I backed myself into a corner and then played victim to it. (How I love playing victim because it absolves me of any responsibility to do anything. Nice deal if you can get it, eh?)

But the thing is this: I created it because I was scared. I know that now. And I also know that the biggest lesson I learned is that I can no longer half-ass my dreams. If I do, I will regret it the rest of my days. I will have to admit that I did not live out my soul’s desire and potential.

Father, I commit on this day to full-assing my dreams. That means doing some things that feel hard. That means digging down deep and clearing out what stands in my way. And it means taking ownership of my life. If I’ve gotten this far doing things halfway, imagine what I could do if I played full out.

Just imagine. And them watch me.