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breathing fire

“Breathing death into someone’s aura” – that’s some imagery for you, right there.

It’s a turn of phrase used by David Neagle in his course “Art of Success II” as he’s talking about why one needs to stop gossiping.

Now, we all know that gossiping is a crap thing to do and we all still do it. (I admit it. I do it, too.) Yet, as a highly conscious person (or someone striving to be highly conscious), it’s one of those habits that needs to stop.


You really ARE “breathing death into someone’s aura” – that is a perfect explanation of what gossiping is on an energetic level.

From my perspective, gossip energy feels like “I need to bring you down so I feel better about myself”. It’s low vibration because it comes from a place of feeling “not good enough” (for what or whom is a question only you can answer). It’s just a way to make yourself feel better about what’s going on inside you – a way to manage the feelings you don’t quite want to deal with. So you shoot them out the side in the form of gossip and you feel momentarily better.

And now, Lisa’s true life story #874

I’ve always been the keeper of people’s secrets – people just tell me stuff. When I was younger and wanted others to like me, I’d share these secrets to make myself more popular (“She knows things!”) or to fit in with certain crowds. I was aware that I was doing it but chose to ignore that awareness because I wanted people to like me.

As I grew older (and hopefully wiser), I became more judicious about who I shared the secrets with and under what circumstances. While I no longer did it to be liked, I still did it. Habit, maybe.

Even in (what I consider to be) my highly-conscious life, there are certain people about whom I could gossip all day.

(And if I examine who they are, it really does revolve around making myself feel better in some way.)

When I heard those words from Neagle, it just gave me a visual I couldn’t get out of my head. It won’t leave (dammit! get out!!).

One of those people in my life is someone with whom I’ve been in some sort of unspoken weird competition (for what, I have no idea.). I get ahead and think “HA!” and then she gets ahead and I think “YOU SUCK, LISA!” and so it goes back and forth.

Seeing her moving ahead in her life stirs up about thirty conflicting emotions in me and I have managed to shut down those emotions by gossiping about what she’s doing, how she’s doing it and so on to other people.

The other day, she posted something on Facebook and I had this weird knee-jerk response to shoot an email off to a friend just tearing her down. It bypassed my brain, it was that fast of a reaction!

In the two seconds before I could click over to my email, I heard Neagle’s voice: YOU ARE BREATHING DEATH INTO HER AURA.

And I stopped.

I thought “yeah, I am.”

My higher self said “Why are you threatened by what she’s doing?”

I had no answer to that. None. I just knew I was.

And that’s all I needed to know because in that moment of clarity, I realized I could not send that email. I *CHOSE* not to breathe death into her aura to make myself feel better.

Because that serves no one and it’s a really dysfunctional way of dealing with stuff.

I know better and I acted on that knowing.

That’s just one way to live with higher consciousness. You don’t just REACT – you take a moment to look at what’s going on inside you and see what’s bubbling up. From that place of understanding, you can make better choices about what you say or do.

Do I still want to say crap about her? Yeah. I do. And that’s allll about me and not at allll about her. I still have work to do on this but thanks to a very vivid visual from David Neagle, I was able to stop my words going out into the world.

And with more work and some greater insight into what is going on with me, soon I won’t even think those thoughts about her.

Are there places in your life where you’re breathing death into someone’s aura? What came up for you as you read this?

Please leave a comment – I’d love to know how you shift things like that in your life.