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Are you a holistic practitioner or metaphysical pro with a powerful message to share but something still holds you back from marketing your business?

If you’ve ever…

Arrow Right-32Poked your head into a Facebook group  and thought “OMG, everyone and their mother is a coach these days… why would someone hire me?”

Arrow Right-32Wondered if you’ve really got the skill it takes to help someone transform their life (and secretly worried everyone will think you’re a fraud and come after you with a pitchfork)

Arrow Right-32Mustered up the courage to offer a program or service you’re psyched about, only to end up hearing nothing but crickets…   

Arrow Right-32Considered packing it all in and hiding in the closet on a permanent basis because the mere thought of writing copy for your website or marketing yourself drives you to the edge of “ICK-town”


I’ve got some refreshing news for you, my friend.

You’re in the right place.


Lisa Wechtenhiser

Hi, I’m Lisa

As an Intuitive Business Strategist, I help soul-powered entrepreneurs to create a business they adore by aligning their intuition with their unique personality so that they can finally let their true colors shine in business.

Because when how you share your gifts with the world is aligned with who you are, that’s when the magic and money you’ve been waiting for starts to show up.

If you’re an intuitive, healer, coach or metaphysical pro with a powerful gift that helps others to heal & empower their lives but right now you just can’t seem to break out of startup mode and into full blown unleashed mode, I can help.

Imagine for a second what it would be like if you…

1455934591_InterfaceExpendet-14Felt so clear and confident in explaining what you do that potential clients say “I’ve been looking for exactly that!” and hire you on the spot.

1455934591_InterfaceExpendet-14Were selling one-of-a-kind programs that aligned with your soul’s purpose at a price that your clients were happy to pay (and that felt nourishing to you)

1455934591_InterfaceExpendet-14Fearlessly shared your message and attracted a blossoming tribe while being 100% yourself, no longer worried what others will think.

1455934591_InterfaceExpendet-14Woke up every day with a clear plan of action to move your business forward so you never felt scattered or distracted.

1455934591_InterfaceExpendet-14Joyfully created your business in your own unique way instead of following someone else’s blueprint for your success  

All of that and more is totally possible as soon as you start showing up fully as your authentic self.


That’s why right now, I’m opening up spots to speak with you personally about how you can be 100% you while creating a business that transforms the world (and your bank account).




Aligned and Unleashed 2016 – the doorway

to doing business YOUR way.

Six weeks working together in a small group where you get the time, attention and support you need to feel confident taking your brilliance out into the world!


Here’s what the program looks like:


favourite6 audio/video modules released one per week 


favourite6 30-minute recorded calls with Lisa for implementation + guidance


favourite3 60-minute group Q&A sessions to connect and share your thoughts in real-time + private Facebook group so you can ask your specific questions, get dedicated accountability and receive support during the program 


favouriteAdvanced tools to support you in a deeper place of creating what you desire so you can thrive and flourish in your life and business like never before.


favourite Access to Lisa’s library of programs (Intuitive Business Mastery 201, 4 Keys to an Authentic Business + Life, and Working With Spirit Guides – $125 value!)



Program starts in mid March 2016!


But wait! There’s more!

Bonus video training on Marketing Archetypes and how to use them in your business so you’re sharing your skills in a way that feels really good! (And more to come!)


 Aligned + Unleashed 2016

Just $450 for this time only!

This is a pilot program where I’m asking for your feedback, suggestions and anything you want to share to make this program the best it can be.

In return, the investment is significantly lower than it will be in the future.

There are just 9 5 spaces open and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Know who you are and how you help so that you attract exactly the right clients!

Create offers and programs with confidence in your own unique way that your ideal clients will love!

Close up energy leaks in your business so more money and perfect opportunities show up!

So if you’re done with…

* feeling like you have to sell your soul just to get a client

* creating programs that no one buys

* playing in drama and distractions because you don’t know what to focus on


 And you’re ready to show the world what you’ve really got


I invite you to join me for your free 30-minute

Business Spotlight Session


It’s easy! Just click the “Book Me In” button below and you’ll go straight to my calendar to lock in your spot. 

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