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(Although I wrote this for another blog, I thought it fit nicely right in here.)

You got questions?

… I got answers! (sort of, anyway)

The Darling Gal asked this question:

“Just woo-woo curious — Do you ever know the final outcome? Do the angels know what’s going to happen and report, or can they change what’s going to happen? Sorry if these are remedial questions, but I’m new to understanding the woo-woo.”

Good question! I have a tendency to think that everyone understands “the woo” in the same way I do so I always appreciate questions that remind me to explain myself better.

N.B.: This is how *I* understand it to be. I am not saying that it’s THE way (mostly since I don’t think there is ONE way for anything) but it’s the way it feels to me.

Guides and teachers cannot interfere with your free will. You are the one who always makes the choices and can change them at any time. Imagine a board of advisors who sit with you at a round table. You are sharing your intentions for the next year. They can offer you suggestions as to what might be a good way to get there. They can also offer alternatives. In the end, though, it’s always down to you to make the final decision.

In addition, they cannot offer guidance unless you invite them to do so. The only time (again, as I understand it) they can jump in unbidden is if your life is in danger and it’s not your soul’s wish to leave the physical plane.

Unless you’re Bella in Twilight, that doesn’t happen too often.

In my case, my Guides know that my heart’s desire (besides being David Cook’s wife and one day being tall and thin) is to broaden my work as an intuitive. I’ve clearly put that intention out there and allowed the Universe to assist me with it.

My part in it is to remain conscious (as opposed to in a coma? heh) and note the “coincidences” that come to me with regard to that intention. Like noticing the blue balloons* that I got as a response to my hysterical whining in the car or that I got two requests for paid intuitive readings in one day.  Those small, seemingly innocuous happenings really are messages, believe it or not.

(They all don’t come as thunderbolts out of the sky. Do they? No, I’m pretty sure they don’t.)

The Gal also asked if the angels know the outcome and because the free will thing comes into play, the answer is no. You put the intention out there and ask for help. Then you pay attention to what comes in front of you – opportunities, coincidences, shifts and changes in things around you.

At any time, you can change your route and your guides will be right there alongside you like a trusted team of advisors and friends who want only your highest good. Doesn’t mean weird stuff won’t happen to you as you move along that path. But if you ask “what is the lesson in this?” and really try to understand it from that perspective, the weird stuff flows through a bit faster.

I hope that answered your questions, G.  Much of this is from my readings but much more has come through my own experience. The readings I’ve done for others have borne out what I know to be true in my life.  The Guides nudge me a bit where I’m slacking off, or help me see things that I might have overlooked.

I truly find that the more I work with them collaboratively, the more things seem to come together and flow.

SO …

What about you, dear reader – what are your thoughts about receiving guidance? Do you find you pay attention to the small things? Or do you wait for something BIG! to show up?

* The blue balloon story is queued up for Thursday.  On Friday, the winning name from the Newsletter contest is announced! Could it be you? 🙂