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… Kimberly Gaulthier! Kimberly won the free email reading that I gave away in the October newsletter and I was tickled to do this for her because she befriended me through a comment I left on another site about wanting some blog buddies. She’s a wonderful photographer and I encourage you to check out her site and her blog!

She kindly gave me permission to share her comments on the reading below:

Thank you so much, Lisa This was such a fantastic reading and I truly enjoyed reading it. It was so exciting to connect with my guides. I think they try to connect with me, but I’m blocked due to fear.

About sacrament; although I’m baptised Baptist and Methodist, I grew up in Catholic school, even attended a Jesuit university. What they had to say is exactly how I feel. I love my boyfriend, he loves me, we love our life. My pressure to get married is coming from fear brought about very opinionated people. We’ve both just felt that it wasn’t necessary, because we’re already committed.

I love the analogy of the love bubble. I’ve been trying to envision white light, but it’s been really difficult. The bubble is so much easier for me to get my head around. Before I send any follow up questions, I’d like to read your email a few more times to soak it all in, but for the moment, I’m smiling from ear to ear. I have been for the past hour.
Thank you.

I was especially happy about this because I’m trying out a new(ish) way to bring through information (courtesy of Andrea Hess and her amazing teaching) and it’s opened me up even more than before. YEY! Andrea mentioned that if you feel even a teeny bit scared to do it, DEFINITELY do it! Her mantra is “Change doesn’t happen in our comfort zone.” and she’s so right.

If you’d like to know more about getting a reading for yourself or someone else, please contact me and let’s talk. See what comes through for YOU!

Thanks, Kimberly, for allowing me to post your kind words. You’re a peach!