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Hi, I'm Lisa!

Allow me to introduce myself...

“Honey, are you going insane?”

Those were the words of my mother who, upon learning that I was able to converse with those on the other side, decided it was time to alert the men in the white jackets.

The good news is she didn’t make that call and even grew to appreciate what I do and how I do it — even though it wasn’t quite mainstream (yet!).


Hi, I’m Lisa Wechtenhiser and I’m the High Priestess of the Woo.



(I bet I’m the only High Priestess of the Woo you know, right?)

I’m clairaudient (the French word for ‘clear hearing’) which means I can communicate with loved ones in Spirit, Guide teams and Archangels and Ascended Masters.

(And yeah, it’s as cool as it sounds!)

I’m not even sure when this fantabulous skill showed up – I do recall that it began as a voice in my head that was distinctly not mine.  After making sure I wasn’t going insane (Hi Mom!), I began to catch a clue about this ability and I ran with it.  The more I did it, the clearer it got.

I’ll confidently tell you I’m one of the clearest Spirit Guide channels out there and I have more than six years of channeling and client work to back that claim up.

And I have an iron-clad agreement with the Guide teams I bring through – the guidance they provide must be practical, actionable and useful.  No “oh you have a pink aura and that means love is all around you” fluff.  Nope.  The guidance you get will be relevant and specific for your particular issue. That’s my promise to you.

As I’ve moved into training and mentoring women who want to create a professional intuitive practice, I carry this same promise.  The Guides come with me into each mentoring/training session and together, we guide you down a path aligned with your soul work.

Stepping out into the light as an intuitive brings tons o’challenges (I have lived to tell the tale!) but it also brings enormous rewards, if you’re willing to do the work.

I help you get in there, get grounded and get your business going because I know what it takes to be successful at it.

Sometimes, your soul forces you to get out there before your human self feels ready.  All you have is blind faith that you’re moving in the right direction.

Well, blind faith and me.

I’ll be your guide, your mentor and your cheerleader.

I’ll help you find the place inside that says “Yes, I really CAN do this!”


Because you really can.

The chick behind the Woo

1. I am a writer at heart and will write until the day I die and even after, I’ll be sending dispatches from the beyond because I have a lot to say. (I’ve had a personal blog going on 13 years now.)

2. I was a psych major in college and really wanted to be a therapist.  Somehow, I ended up spending thirty years pulling brokers back in off the ledge when the stock market tanked.  Clearly my college degree was put to good use!

3.  As an emotional empath, I can feel what it’s like inside someone if I choose to open up. (No, I don’t randomly go around feeling inside people. That’s just not polite!)  Until I learned how to open and close this field, I was a walking ball of weird emotion that didn’t belong to me.  It was confusing, to say the least.

4. I loved the internet from the moment I found it (wayyyy back in 1988).  Whatever I could think up, I could look up.  This is heaven for a curious type like myself.

10313352_10154166539605092_2307802466872294944_n 5. Although not a biological mom in this lifetime, I was enormously blessed by the relationship with my goddaughter Lauren (now in Spirit and the very first voice from beyond I could hear).  If ever I’ve experienced unconditional love, it was through her.

That she chose me for her Godmother and soul-sister in this lifetime fills me with joy so bright I could power Seattle on that alone. She has proven to me, beyond any doubt, that life does not end when we leave the physical and while I miss her presence, she is just a thought away.




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