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Wayne DyerBy now you might have heard that renowned spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away on Sunday. Words of love and thanks were all over Facebook and Twitter as the Lightworker community responded to the news. For many of us, he was our first teacher as we started down the road of consciousness.

He certainly was mine.Once I stepped into his world, I never looked back.

Interestingly enough, so much of what he taught comes from Divine Law and old world traditions. But he was able to put it in such a way that it drew in people who wouldn’t ordinarily listen. I was looking into different paths and beliefs when I found Dr. Dyer and I saw so many similarities between what he taught and the teachings of all those paths. He was so down-to-earth about it and helped me understand how to put it into practice in my life.

“Detach from the good opinion of other people” – this one taught me that no matter what others said about you (good and not-so-good), let it go. It’s not about you, it’s about the other person.

“What you think about expands” – thoughts ARE things and as you think, it creates your actions and what shows up in your world.

I had spent so much time listening to him in my car to and from work that his voice lived in my head. When I had the opportunity to see him live at a conference, I jumped on it. What I remember most about it is this: He walked up on stage, no notes, no teleprompter – just him and a microphone and spoke for about 90 minutes off the top of his head. That was amazing to me.

And then I realized that when you live what you teach, no notes are ever required.

So many of my generation (and beyond) have been touched by this man’s willingness to share his truth. His spirit and soul live on through his words and the actions of those who followed his teaching.

Rest in peace, Dr. Dyer. You will be missed.