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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Last night I did about 30 mini-readings over at the Practically Intuitive Facebook page. Whew! It was fun for me and I hope illuminating for those who got their questions answered.

In light of the free call AJ McClary and I will be doing on Sunday April 28th, I wanted to share a few ways you can get the most out of your intuitive readings (be they free mini-ones like last night’s Facebook fun or a paid one with me or another reader).

Do these things and don’t do these other things

DO: ask questions like “What’s the next step for me around my job search” (or love life or whatever). This gives the reading a specific focus and the answer you get will be much more helpful for you because it’s bite-sized. It’s best to ask something that is more immediate and that you can take action on. (Yes, I know the action thing is my personal soap-box but really, what else is there to do with information like this? You can either take action on it or you can let it float into the ether and be lost forever. Your choice.)

DON’T: ask “what’s my life purpose” for several reasons: First, it’s way too large a scope for someone to answer in a mini-reading. That’s pretty detailed and specific information often gleaned by researching the Akashic Records and is worthy of much more of your time than a one minute blip of a reading. It is sacred information, truly.

And second,IF that information was even available to you in such a fashion, what would you do with it since you have no opportunity to explore it? If I said “Well, your life purpose is to be a healer and teacher to a specific group of individuals with whom you are not now in contact” how is that in any way helpful to you without some context? You may not be ready to hear that information (which would become clear in a longer reading and your Guides would offer ways for you to prepare for it) or it may fall upon deaf ears.

DO: be respectful of the reader’s time and abilities. If you see there are 30 people in the thread asking questions, keep yours short and direct. A good reader doesn’t require a backstory – ask the question clearly and succinctly.

An example of a good, clearly defined question is this: “I have two job options in front of me. Which choice seems to be best for me at this time?”

An example of a hard-to-answer question is this: “My friend and I used to get along really well and do stuff together. Then, about three years ago, something happened and we stopped talking to each other. I miss her a lot and have tried to find out what’s going on with her but she won’t answer my emails or calls. I wish I could figure out what is going on because I have lots of other friends but no one knew me the way she did. Is it something I did and is she mad at me? Was it about the guy we both knew in high school or is it something else? I really want to fix this relationship -can you tell me what’s wrong and how to fix it?”

WHEW!! Even for a longer reading, there’s a lot going on there! You could reduce that down to: my friend and I no longer speak. Is it something I’ve done and if so, how can I address that? – but even still, there are many pieces involved. This is a good example of something we look at in a longer reading (and possibly even work through in a session where we remove an energetic cord of attachment). Not a good question for a shorter reading.

DON’T: forget to say thank you to the person doing the reading. Even if it was off-the-mark, be gracious and thank them. It’s possible it’s something you’re not yet ready to hear OR it could be that they were not able to tune in to you and bring through any information that was of help to you. Either way, their intention was to be of service and it’s always nice to honor that. (If it’s a paid reading and they are off-the-mark, tell them that straight up so they can tune in differently or do an energy scan to see why the connection isn’t working.)

DO:give some thought to what came through if you asked for that information. When I channel your Guides because you’ve asked for information, what comes through is information for you to put into action. It’s not just pretty words. You asked, they gave. Now – you move into action, ask for the next step and put that into action.

If you don’t know how to put it into action and want help with that part, I’m really good at it. I can hear your Guides, share information with you and help you take action. That is where the shifts show up. You can ask for guidance until the cows come home but if you’re not doing anything with it, you may as well not even ask.

(steps off soapbox)

Where do you start? Right here with a 20 minute reading You will not find a clearer connection to your Spirit Guides anywhere. And not only that, but I can teach you how to get a clear connection with them yourself. Who can’t use something like that?

Not sure how all this works? Join me and AJ Sunday April 28th at 8pm eastern for 90 minutes of free intuitive readings. We are choosing callers at random to read so come, listen in and see how it all works. (All the details will be available in my weekly newsletter coming this week. Are you on it? They won’t be available ANYWHERE else so join up now for all the info you need to call in.)