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I’m writing a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for the site and thought this was pretty important. 

Q: How often should I get a reading?

A:  I will say as often as you feel drawn to getting one with this (pretty large) caveat:  DO SOMETHING with the information you are given.  Many times, we ask for help, are given that help and perhaps it didn’t come in the way we expected it to so we disregard it.  And we keep asking.  And keep getting help.  And keep putting it to the side. 

There is no benefit to you from the readings if you are not willing to put in the work on your part with what is given to you.

Perhaps a little bit of explanation might be helpful. I have known people who love to gather psychic or spiritual information as if they were picking apples off a tree.  Get the apple, look at it a bit, put it in your pocket and go on your way.  Heck, I have been that person!  I love to get readings to see not only what comes through but how the reader brings it through as well.  (I’m a fan of the process.)  Sometimes, I didn’t pay attention to the messages because they didn’t resonate with me for whatever reason. Sometimes, I wrote the information down and planned to come back to it later.  But there have been many times I didn’t really pay attention to what came through and just blew it off. I think that’s pretty common so if you do this, don’t feel like you’re the only one. You are definitely not alone.

What often comes through in a reading (mine or someone else’s) is a call to action.  You are seeking answers because there are things in your life that aren’t working for you. Maybe you don’t know what, exactly, isn’t working but you know something’s not right. 

Me? I like the kind of guidance where they tell me everything is peachy, list the 47 reasons it’s all happening, that it will turn out okay and to my liking.  And I’m sure you can guess how many times that’s the case, right? :) 

What I’m given, though, are actions I need to take to shift the energies around.  And, of course, it’s an action I already know I should take but don’t really want to. Maybe I’m scared to stand up for myself, or fear looking like a fool.  Maybe it’s ending a friendship I hang onto even though I know it’s past time to let go.

The Guides are really just telling me what I already know but don’t want to do.  So, I have done what was easiest for me and blown off the action part.  And nothing in my life changed.  No energy was moved, no resolutions were had.  I just got some information, much as you would if you opened a book, and read a few paragraphs.  Just information.

Without action, that’s all it is. Information.  So your Guides, your Aunt Nellie and your best friend can tell you the same thing until they are blue in the face. But if you choose not to act, nothing will change.  I know it’s hard to do some of the things we are called to do.  I totally get it.  I was the Queen of gathering information so I could store it all up in my head and use it maybe later.  Or not.  But I loved the information.

Which made it doubly hard for me to take that information and turn it into action.  Then – and only then – did I see things start to move and shift in my life.

And that’s part of how Practically Intuitive came to be – I realized my own habit of just getting information and not doing anything with it.  Even further, when doing readings for others early on, I got a lot of information about Spirit Guides – their names, their traits, what kinds of things they helped us with.   And one day my friend came to me and said "Well, this is all nice.  Now, what am I supposed to do with it?" and at that very moment, you could have seen the light bulb go on over my head.  That’s when I began asking the Guides to give practical information and steps so that if one chose to shift the energies and were committed to doing so, they’d have some actual, concrete steps on the path.

I say CHOOSE because it is always your decision whether to gather information for a "that’s nice" reading or commit to acting (in whatever way that happens) on the information.  It’s like thinking about making a cake vs. getting up off the couch and actually making the cake.  At the end, you either have a cake or you don’t.

Getting a chance to hear from your Guides is pretty cool, I think. And if you don’t do anything with what they tell you, there is NO JUDGEMENT on their part at all.  (Trust me. I know this from experience!)

But the rewards for stepping up and doing the work are immense.  (I know this one from experience, too!)

** Next time we will talk about what it means to "do the work".  Stay tuned!