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We all have them.

You know what I mean. Don’t pretend you don’t.


** Relatives who manage to get under our skin.
** Co-workers who get away with murder while we dutifully do our jobs and get passed over for raises.
** That friend from ten years ago who stole your boyfriend right out from under your nose.


Every time you think about them you get annoyed and pissed all over again. All the old feelings get stirred up out of nowhere.

Cases like these (and a bunch of others) are really good reasons to sever those energetic cords of attachment. Why? Because it helps remove that *charge* you feel when thinking about them or the situation. And how nice is it to have that neutralized so you can put that energy toward fun stuff?

Back when I was practicing my cord-cutting skills on some lovely volunteers, it was a common occurrence for them to remark that they had no idea how helpful cutting those cords could be. I think that’s the beauty of the work, though. Theoretically, it makes sense, but until you experience how it works for you – in your own life – you might not see how powerful this healing work can be.

I’ve written about just what cords of attachment are here and here but in a nutshell, a cord of attachment is an energetic structure that allows patterns from the past to continue into the present affecting your daily life.

*** Three good reasons to remove those cords permanently ***


NUMBER ONE:  Either energy is flowing OUT of you INTO another – or – flowing INTO you FROM another. Either way, you are being affected on many levels – mentally, emotionally, intuitively … and in ways you might not see.

By removing that energy flow (in whichever way it’s going) you take back what is yours and use it for your own benefit.

Example: Let’s say that Sally and her friend had a big fight over that boyfriend from ten years ago. And while Sally has forgiven her friend for her part in the mess, secretly (in a place no one wants to admit to) Sally is still mad at her. She feels betrayed and angry.

Which way is the energy flowing in this case? Most likely FROM Sally TO her friend and in that cord are all those things Sally doesn’t want to talk about: betrayal, sure. Anger, yep. But what about sadness, and feeling “less than” her because her boyfriend left for her friend? All that and so much more are running around in Sally’s energy field 24/7. Really. It is.

By removing that cord, Sally is able to stop all that yuck from flowing out of her into her friend. She gets to use that energy she was putting out (on an unconscious level) for her own benefit. How nice to get a big WHOOOSH! of your own energy back, eh?

NUMBER 2: You come to an understanding of the dynamics that play(ed) out in the relationship.

When I peer into the cord and the energies it contained and share that, it helps validate for you what was really going on between you and that person. Where was the flow of energy? What did it say about the relationship overall? Lots of light bulb moments show up in this part of the healing work.

NUMBER 3: By cutting the cord of attachment, you’re not cutting the person out of your life. You are just ending the flow of toxic energy between you.

Sometimes, I get asked if cutting the cord means you’ll lose the relationship. Not at all. You get to make that choice now FREE of all the yuck clouding the picture.

Say, for example, you cut the cord with that annoying co-worker. You’ll still see them and can choose to engage with them on any level you want. What’s different, though, is the *charge* between you now is removed.

Maybe it bugged you whenever they left early while you stayed and worked. After removing this cord, it might feel like you’re just watching a movie of someone leaving work early rather than hearing the same old refrain in your head “How come she gets to do whatever she wants and I’m stuck here. My life sucks. I need a new job.” and on and on and on. Much easier to deal with from a distance, I think.

BOTTOM LINE:  A cord-cutting won’t make you taller, thinner (damn!) or smarter. But it will help you get rid of some toxic junk floating around in your energy field and allow you to see even more clearly what you want. I think that’s a lovely benefit!

There’s so much more to say about this subject.  Look for another installment of  “As the Cord Turns” on a future podcast.  🙂

If you want to read a few testimonials from some of my clients about this healing work, check out the Testimonials page.

And if you’ve had a cord cut and you want to share how it affected your life, I’d love to hear about it!  (Doesn’t even have to be from me – lots of practitioners do this work!)

Finally, if you think this might be something you’d like to try, I welcome your email.  Big shifts happen through this work all the time.  Are you ready?