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This is a post by Lisa Turner – you find her at Psycademy where she teaches all about psychic knowing, spiritual work and other fun things I think you’ll like.

Ego or Enlightenment

10 Sure Signs Someone Is Working From Ego

Here is a light-hearted look at the many faces and phrases of ego. Have a read and notice where your clients or prospects use these. Read through to the end where you’ll learn a simple way to deal with it.

1. Blaming others – going into victim mode

Any time someone blames other people, events or circumstances it’s a sign they’re not taking responsibility. They will give plenty of very good reasons why their life isn’t perfect, and it’s never anything to do with them, their choices or their responses to events. There’s just nothing they can do about it. They also like to spend a lot of time grumbling about it.

An enlightened person looks at the situation, decides what they would like to be different, and then go and put into action those things necessary to make that happen.

2. Blaming themselves

It goes like this “it’s all my fault! I’m not a good enough… I should have…. I shouldn’t have…”

It can look like being evolved, but really it’s an excuse to stay in the past, and to not make changes in their behaviour, beliefs and attitudes. It’s also very attention seeking.

An enlightened person will say “hmm, well, that was interesting… and here’s what I’m going to do differently next time” and then quietly get on with making best of the situation.

3. They are always right (and never wrong)

The inability to admit a mistake ever is a sure sign of ego. This person will defend, argue and use all kinds of evidence to demonstrate they are right.

An enlightened person will know that there are many truths, and it’s for each person to find what works for them. They allow others their own truth, are willing to experiment with other ideas and then make up their mind what works for them.

4. They know everything ABOUT everything

You know the type. They know everything. They’ve read every book, know every spiritual theory and will gladly tell you about them all the time. Often they are so full of knowing that there’s no room for new ideas.

A sign of true enlightenment is the ability to learn from everyone and anyone in any situation. They will ask questions. They will seek to understand others.

5. They never have any problems, only solutions

This aspect of ego is all about keeping up appearances. They never admit to having any problems or struggles. They will tell you that are too evolved for such things. They also know exactly how to solve everyone else’s problems and are the first to jump up and insist they help others.

An enlightened person admits to their struggles but not in a way that burdens others. Rather they share it create empathy with their fellow traveller. But they are also careful to let their fellow traveller know that things can and will be different. They also ask for help when they need it, and accept it graciously.

6. They know exactly what’s wrong with you, the world and everyone else

This egomaniac is full of theories about exactly what’s wrong with society, religion, the government, the economy, the environment. They will be loud and high on their soap box telling the world that THEY need to change, and doing their best to trigger guilt in others.

An enlightened person knows that the world is perfect AND there might still be some things they want to change, but they start that change in themselves.

7. They never ask for help, never have a coach, mentor or spiritual teacher.

They don’t need it because, of course, they are completely enlightened and know everything. They have all they need inside them and don’t need any help to access it or awaken their potential. Dear me NO. They are above all that and quite perfect thank you.

But they WILL tell you that you need to learn from THEIR mentor, or them.

A truly enlightened person will constantly stretch themselves. They will seek out others who can stretch them. They will also be able to gain learning from any mentor, even those who might seem less well trained then themselves.

8. They constantly point out how un-evolved other people are.

They are very judgemental of others, their behaviour and their beliefs. They will continuously point out the flaws in others, and will give unsolicited advice about exactly what that person needs to do to change. They will leave others feeling insecure, inadequate and as if they have failed.

An enlightened person makes everyone feel good. They naturally bring out the best in others, because they can SEE the goodness in others and somehow manage to get them to feel it too.

9. They don’t go on any courses or programmes.

They don’t need to because they are so enlightened. They are for other less enlightened people, and of course, because they are so enlightened they have no need for more learning. They will say things like “I already have that…” “It’s not the right time”, “That course would be perfect for other less evolved people”, “I already know that”. Another favourite phrase the ego loves to say to a teacher is “I think I have something to teach you”. (if you’re a spiritual teacher you’ll likely have heard this more than once)

The enlightened person knows that they can learn from any experience and is always open to new knowledge, new groups and new experiences. They constantly invest in themselves.

10. Their lives never change

The purpose of Ego is to keep you safe, and it always thinks the safest thing to do is to avoid change. So a sign that a person is working from ego their lives never seem to change. They have the same situations, experiences and problems (that they may not admit to) over and over again.

A sign of an enlighten person is that they go from “the same thing time and again” to “one thing after another”. They still have challenges, but they are new challenges and they relish them rather than shying back from them.

Bonus tip

They don’t admit to ever having any ego and will deny that any of the above relate to them or ever have. They will also say that these points are WRONG!

Ok I know some of these points might seem a bit controversial. But if you’re sitting smugly thinking none of the above relate to you… then try this…

Fill your heart with compassion for your ego. It’s the part of you that is trying to keep you safe and alive. Thank it for doing its best to do so. Then as you read the above points notice where you might be doing this, and forgive yourself.

Then fill your heart with compassion for other’s ego. Notice that their ego is just trying to keep them safe. Forgive them. And forgive yourself for judging them. Forgive yourself for anything and everything at all. This is the best Christmas present you can give to yourself.

Where you think the above points are wrong. Simply witness the judgement. You don’t have to decide they are right. Simply be willing to experiment with the idea, try it on, try it out, and then decide if it is a truth for you or not.

Lastly, just love. Love yourself, your ego, and the ego of others.

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