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Hi! I'm Lisa

As one of the clearest Spirit Guide channels around, I offer you intuitive readings grounded in real-world experience.

No fluffy-bunny guidance here!

Just solid, actionable answers to your questions.

My unique blend of business skills and crystal clear hotline to the realm of Spirit Guides and Teachers makes me your best ally in creating a practice that serves you while you serve others.

As a seasoned intuitive myself who had -NO- idea what it took to run a business, I’ve been through it all. Visibility challenges, “Strategy? What the heck is that?” and mindset junk got in my way and almost took me down.

With help and lots of determination, I came out the other side and have birthed a full-time business that I love. I can help you do that too (and with a lot less angst and wasted money than I did!) – all you need is the willingness to start. That’s it!

The first thing to do is hop on my email list over there on the right so you can receive an instant download filled with my very best tips on getting started as a soul-preneur. It’s called “If I knew then what I know now: Shortcuts to Success as a Professional Intuitive” and it’s sure to help you on your path.

You really can do this, you know. If the desire is there, so too is the way.



I’ve worked with a lot of business coaches and mentors, and the hour I spent with Lisa was the most aligned, resonant, and useful hour I’ve ever had with a business coach or mentor! The Soul + Strategy Business Jam Session was THE BEST investment, and the first session was THE best hour of business coaching/mentoring ever.

I now fully understand what I need in a business coach/mentor, and I got that from Lisa: someone who focuses on what’s aligned with ME and what’s best for ME rather than applying a cookie cutter approach or what’s worked for THEM. With other business mentors, I often felt like their advice wasn’t quite right for me: it often felt a bit out of alignment. With Lisa, it all felt aligned.

What sets Lisa apart from every other business mentor I know of is that she works with my guides to get additional information and another perspective on the business conversation. This is very unique, and I believe it’s very important to get that higher wisdom. Everything they said to me totally resonated, and I’m so excited about moving forward based on what we discussed.

Holly Worten

Mindset Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs, Ready To Bloom

Working with Lisa is an energetic shot in the arm! She is so tuned in that you can get lots done in a very short space of time.

Her advice is insightful and spot on, and I adore her connected, down to earth style. She may be the High Priestess of Woo, but she’s also the most eminently practical priestess of woo around.

I also love that she can hear and communicate with my guides–sometimes more clearly than I do! I trust her guidance, because I know that she isn’t trying to fit me into what she is offering; she is helping me find what is a fit for me and my business.”

Dr. Heather Clark

Intuitive coach, healer and speaker, Vibrant Again


You have to blend both the spiritual and the mundane to create an abundant business!


Are you ready to create an abundant, thriving practice but don’t know where to start? I can help *right now*.

“If only I knew then what I know now — Shortcuts to Success as a Professional Intuitive” answers your questions about how to create a business offering intuitive readings, coaching and teaching.

I’ll share with you my hard-won secrets: what to do, what (really!) not to do and how to move ahead faster.

Just put your name and email address in the box and it’s yours right away!

Imagine having the freedom to run a business that brings you joy, personal growth and consistent income — pretty sweet, right?


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