Hi! I'm Lisa.

The High Priestess of the Woo and THE MENTOR for professional intuitives.

It’s said that 99% of successful entrepreneurs and small business owners use a coach and are part of a mastermind.


Simple: When you’re accountable to someone, you take action on your ideas.

Taking action = more income, more joy, more freedom!

The difference in what you accomplish on your own and what you can do with support will astound you. (I am so not kidding!)

If you’re an intuitive or healer with lots of ideas and tons of passion, but are missing the roadmap and a partner, I can help.

More about me

Are you an intuitive reader, energy healer or spiritual teacher?

As a professional intuitive myself, I know how much fun it is to help others from that high vibrational state where we do our work.

Here’s the thing, though: You cannot run a business from that same high vibrational place.  The skills necessary to dance up high with Spirit Guides and Archangels are NOT the same as it takes to write web copy or offer sales calls.  They’re just not.

It takes being able to blend both the spiritual AND the mundane to create an abundant intuitive or healing practice.


That’s where I come in.

Not only am I one of the clearest Spirit Guide channels you will come across, but I also bring thirty years’ experience in the oh-so-grounded world of Wall Street.

I’ve built my successful intuitive practice from the ground up, weaving together all the bitty pieces of an online business, learning what works and what doesn’t along the way.  I’m also a life-long student so I’ve taken a zillion classes and courses while working with a mentor to step up my own inner and outer game.

When I work with you, I bring that wealth of experience, the bat-phone to your Spirit Guide team and a willingness to meet you right where you are (and get you to where you want to be).  Pretty potent combination, eh?

If you’re ready to go to work and you’re serious about making your dreams a reality, then find your level and let’s dive in!

Divinely Guided Business Plan


Discover where you’re stuck and learn your next steps.

* 90-minute call


Professional Certification


Gain confidence in your skills, and learn to take your business out into the world.


The Business of Intuition


Classes to guide you through the waters of being in business as an intuitive.

Individual Mentorship


Unlock your full business potential with individualized guidance.

Six month programs with my eyes and heart on your business.


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If you want to create an abundant, thriving intuitive practice but don’t know how to even start, I can help right now.

“If only I knew then what I know now — Shortcuts to Success as a Professional Intuitive” answers your questions about how to create a business offering intuitive readings, coaching and teaching. I’ll share with you my hard-won secrets: what to do, what (really!) not to do and how to move ahead faster.

I’m pulling back the curtain and you’re in the front row! Just put your name and email address in the box and off we go!

Imagine having the freedom to run a business that brings you joy, personal growth and consistent income — pretty sweet, right?

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Lisa is unlike most intuitives I know because she GETS business. She has the nuts and bolts of business and technology mastered. She is often a go-to resource for tools and tips to make the business side of my business easier and more functional without getting bogged down with it being complicated. Plus she’s a master at the intuition side – there is no one else I refer people to so they can connect with their guides. And to have all of that in ONE package? It’s a no-brainer to work with Lisa.

Angella Johnson