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Hi! I'm Lisa

I’m an intuitive business strategist who guides you to imagine, believe in and achieve your biggest vision.

I bring in soul wisdom + practical business strategy so you have a map to creatively express your most cherished dreams with confidence.

My unique blend of business skills and crystal clear hotline to the realm of Spirit Guides and Teachers makes me your best ally in creating a practice that serves you while you serve others.

As a seasoned intuitive myself who had -NO- idea what it took to run a business, I’ve been through it all. Visibility challenges, “Strategy? What the heck is that?” and mindset junk got in my way and almost took me down.

With help and lots of determination, I came out the other side and have birthed a full-time business that I love. I can help you do that too (and with a lot less angst and wasted money than I did!) – all you need is the willingness to start. That’s it!

The first thing to do is hop on my email list over there on the right so you can receive an instant download filled with my very best tips on getting started as a soul-preneur. It’s called “If I knew then what I know now: Shortcuts to Success as a Professional Intuitive” and it’s sure to help you on your path.

You really can do this, you know. If the desire is there, so too is the way.

Receive an instant download of my best tips for creating a profitable intuitive business!

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magnifyCome talk to me!

Sometimes, we’re just too darn close to our own life and business to see what’s really clear to others.


This is when a set of intuitive eyes is especially helpful.

With the ability to see what’s going on underneath the words and the energy, I can offer sound, grounded advice infused with wisdom from your own soul and spirit.

I’d love to help you see all choices in front of you so

that your decisions come from a place of clarity.

Book a session with me now at the new *permanent* reduced rate.

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You have to blend both the spiritual and the mundane to create an abundant business!



Lisa is unlike most intuitives I know because she GETS business. She has the nuts and bolts of business and technology mastered. She is often a go-to resource for tools and tips to make the business side of my business easier and more functional without getting bogged down with it being complicated.

Plus she’s a master at the intuition side – there is no one else I refer people to so they can connect with their guides.

And to have all of that in ONE package? It’s a no-brainer to work with Lisa.

Angella Johnson

Visionary. Empowering Truth Teller. Strategist. Intuitive.

Receive an instant download of my best tips for creating a profitable intuitive business!

Let's do this!

Are you ready to create an abundant, thriving practice but don’t know where to start? I can help *right now*.

“If only I knew then what I know now — Shortcuts to Success as a Professional Intuitive” answers your questions about how to create a business offering intuitive readings, coaching and teaching.

I’ll share with you my hard-won secrets: what to do, what (really!) not to do and how to move ahead faster.

Just put your name and email address in the box and it’s yours right away!

Imagine having the freedom to run a business that brings you joy, personal growth and consistent income — pretty sweet, right?


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